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From the Cincinnati Arch to the Illinois Basin

Full Title: From the Cincinnati Arch to the Illinois Basin: Geological Field Excursions along the Ohio River Valley
Editors: Anton H. Maria and Ronald C. Counts

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This guidebook complements the field trips offered during the 42nd Annual Meeting of the GSA North-Central Section, held in Evansville, Indiana. Topics include analysis and correlation of Silurian depositional sequences across the Cincinnati Arch in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana; conodonts and Pennsylvanian stratigraphy in southwestern Indiana; relationships between tectonism, igneous activity, and fluorite mineralization within the Illinois-Kentucky Fluorite District; characteristics and origin of the highly eroded Pennsylvanian sandstones at the Garden of the Gods in Illinois; use of filled-fracture features as indicators of seismicity within the lower Wabash and Ohio River valleys; and hydrogeology of an abandoned mine site in Indiana, with applications to planning for disposal of coal-combustion products. Two chapters focus on the history of New Harmony, Indiana, which served as headquarters for the pioneering naturalists who worked to characterize and map this country’s interior. Another chapter relates the history of Evansville to the availability and use of geologic materials, with discussions on the characteristics and origins of building stones, building techniques, and architectural styles. References to mining history, with respect to building stone, coal, and fluorite, are made throughout.
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October 01, 2008
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