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The Mid-Atlantic Shore to the Appalachian Highlands

Full Title: The Mid-Atlantic Shore to the Appalachian Highlands: Field Trip Guidebook for the 2010 Joint Meeting of the Northeastern and Southeastern GSA Sections
Editors: Gary M. Fleeger and Steven J. Whitmeyer

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This guidebook features field trips offered during the joint meeting of GSA’s Northeastern and Southeastern Sections held in Baltimore, Maryland, in March 2010. Chapters in this guide reflect the meeting’s theme (“Linking North and South: Exploring the Connections between Continent and Sea”) in that they span the lowlands of eastern Pennsylvania to the highlands of northeastern West Virginia. Four physiographic provinces are covered: Piedmont (Piedmont Upland and Gettysburg-Newark Lowland Sections), Blue Ridge, Valley and Ridge, and Appalachian Plateau. The geologic foci are likewise variable, ranging from Precambrian basement rocks to Pleistocene sediments.
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February 25, 2010
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Product Categories: D. Field Guides
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