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Tectonic Styles in Canada: The LITHOPROBE Perspective

Editors: Fred Cook, John Percival, and Ron Clowes
This volume (Special Paper 49 from the Geological Association of Canada) provides an in-depth overview of most of the major scientific results deriving from the LITHOPROBE project, Canada's 20+ year national research project in the earth sciences. The project combined multidisciplinary earth science studies of the Canadian landmass and surrounding offshore margins to determine how the northern North American continent formed over geological time from 4000 million years ago to the present.

Although LITHOPROBE results have been published in hundreds of scientific articles during the life of the project, and in a series of special issues of the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, Special Paper 49 is the only book to be published on LITHOPROBE scientific results. Seven chapters cover the wide range of geotectonic regions studied through the ten LITHOPROBE transects (study areas) and an eighth provides a summary. Each chapter incorporates a geological overview and discusses a range of physical parameters as appropriate to the area (e.g., crustal thickness and its variation; crustal structure, composition, seismic velocity and reflectivity; nature of orogen margins; age and style of rifting; nature and age of accreted terranes; nature and age of continental magmatic arcs; location and nature of paleo-suture zones; age and style of accretion; variation of P-T conditions through time; and the age and style of post-collisional processes).

The chapters also include discussions of important aspects of orogenic and post-orogenic evolution, have extensive reference lists, and include many color illustrations. This volume will be the main source of information about the Canadian landmass for many years to come. The authors include many individuals who were key players in the LITHOPROBE project, in particular the editors John Percival, Fred Cook and Ron Clowes, the latter of whom was director of the project from its inception to the end.
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November 29, 2012
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