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Geologic Map of the San Emigdio Mountains, S. California

ROLLED FORMAT: 1 color plate (approx. 36" by 62") plus 3 p. text
Compilers: Alan D. Champman and Jason B. Saleeby
New and existing geologic mapping and geochronology of the San Emigdio Mountains are compiled in this 1:40,000 scale map, establishing the framework for recently published and ongoing studies of Cretaceous assemblages belonging to the Sierra Nevada batholith and the Late Cretaceous San Emigdio Schist. Basement exposures of the San Emigdio Mountains are subdivided into four principal fault-bounded assemblages. When viewed in a regional context, the field relations summarized here constrain the lateral extent of major Laramide detachment systems that were active during Late Cretaceous extensional collapse of the southern Sierra Nevada batholith and adjacent Mojave Desert area and document a highly dismembered and deeply exhumed ancient flat slab system.
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January 06, 2012
Product Categories: L. Maps and Charts
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