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Map and Cross Sections, Swansea-Clara Peak Area

Full title: Geologic Map and Cross Sections of the Swansea-Clara Peak Area, Buckskin Mountains, West-Central Arizona

FOLDED FORMAT: 2 color sheets (approx. 20" by 34" and 25" by 15")
Compiler: John Singleton
This 1:12,000-scale geologic map covers ~40 square kilometers in the central portion of the Buckskin-Rawhide metamorphic core complex in west-central Arizona. The map area encompasses the historic Swansea ghost town and Clara mineral district and includes outstanding exposures of the corrugated Buckskin detachment fault--a major extensional structure that juxtaposes mylonitic mid-crustal rocks against Miocene sedimentary rocks. The new mapping, structural data, and cross sections presented in this publication provide important details regarding the Miocene structural evolution of core complexes in the Colorado River extensional corridor, a region that has played a central role in our understanding of large-magnitude extension. This map also documents the local distribution and structure of the early Miocene Swansea Plutonic Suite, one of the largest synextensional intrusive suites in the southern Basin and Range.
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July 02, 2013
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