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Map of the Inner Piedmont and Carolina superterrane

Full title: Detailed geologic map of the Inner Piedmont and Carolina superterrane at the northeast end of the Pine Mountain window, Georgia
Compilers: Matthew T. Huebner, Justin R. Rehrer, Robert D. Hatcher, Jr., and Andrew L. Wunderlich
This geologic map is a 1:50,000-scale compilation of several 1:12,000- and 1:24,000-scale detailed mapping projects centered at the northeast end of the Pine Mountain window in central Georgia. It covers an area of ~2500 km2, and includes portions of the Tugaloo and Cat Square terranes of the Inner Piedmont, the Pine Mountain window (and terrane), and the western flank of the exotic Carolina superterrane (Charlotte terrane?). The nature of the relationships between these terranes, timing and kinematics of their bounding sutures, in addition to plutonism, high-grade metamorphism, and pervasive deformation throughout the map area provide vital data regarding the complex evolution of the southern Appalachian orogen from the Neoproterozoic breakup of Rodinia through the formation of Pangea and its eventual breakup in the Mesozoic. MCH105R, 1 color plate (approx. 41" by 74")
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March 27, 2014
Product Categories: L. Maps and Charts
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