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Ophiolites and Oceanic Crust: New Insights

Full Title: Ophiolites and Oceanic Crust: New Insights from Field Studies and the Ocean Drilling Program
Editors: Yildirim Dilek, Eldridge M. Moores, Don Elthon, and Adolphe Nicolas

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The scientific understanding of ophiolites and oceanic crust has undergone a significant transformation since the first Penrose field conference on ophiolites, held in 1972. Detailed studies of well-preserved ophiolites around the world greatly improved sampling, observation, and exploration of the modern seafloor and oceanic crust, and the continuous interaction between the ophiolite and marine geology and geophysics scientific communities played a major role in this remarkable development. This volume contains 39 papers resulting from a Geological Society of America Penrose Conference, which was convened in California in 1998, and provides the state-of-the-art knowledge and information on the evolution of ophiolites and modern oceanic crust from geographically diverse areas around the world. This comprehensive volume integrates new data and interdisciplinary knowledge gained in the past decade on ophiolites with that obtained from drilling and other studies of in-situ oceanic lithosphere and presents some of the outstanding questions and some future directions of research in these topics. The volume is organized in six thematic sections (1) Ophiolites, oceanic crust and global tectonics; (2) Oceanic lower crust and mantle; (3) Structure and physical properties of upper oceanic crust; (4) Hydrothermal processes; (5) Pacific Rim ophiolites; and (6) Ophiolites from the Iapetus, Rheic-Pleionic, Neotethyan, and Indian Oceans. Specific geographical areas of research include: northern Appalachians, Norwegian Caledonides, California Coast Ranges and Klamath Mountains, northern Apennines, eastern Mediterranean, Oman, southern Urals, central Japan, central Andes of Argentina, Indonesia, Macquarie Island (Australia), Costa Rica Rift, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, East Pacific Rise, Southwest Indian Ridge, and Chile Ridge. The book will be of great interest to a broad audience of earth scientists concerned with seafloor spreading tectonics, hydrothermal alteration and mineralization in oceanic crust, petrology and geochemistry of ophiolites and oceanic crust developed in diverse tectonic settings, geophysical characteristics of oceanic crust, magmatic and structural processes in oceanic lithosphere and continental layered intrusions, and convergent margin tectonics and ophiolite emplacement mechanisms.
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June 01, 2001
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