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Mantle Plumes: Their Identification Through Time

Editors: Richard E. Ernst and Kenneth L. Buchan

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Many of the controversies that surround the topic of mantle plumes can be resolved only by examining the entire record of plumes through geologic time, rather than relying largely on the well-preserved oceanic and continental signature of the past 100–250 myr. The criteria for identifying and locating mantle plumes especially in the older record are investigated. The papers in the volume fall most naturally within six themes: an overview of plumes and their geological expression, lessons from Mesozoic and Cenozoic plume-related large igneous provinces, lessons from Mars and Venus, a review of techniques to locate plumes, a survey of early Precambrian plumes and related iron formations, and two global compilations: rifts and large mafic magmatic events through time.
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October 29, 2001
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Product Categories: B. Special Papers
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