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Cenozoic Volcanism in the Mediterranean Area

Editors: Luigi Beccaluva, Gianluca Bianchini, and Marjorie Wilson
The widespread volcanism that affected the Mediterranean region during the Cenozoic includes a wide spectrum of magmatic affinities reflecting the complex geodynamic setting of the area. Magmatism is linked to the evolution of a series of subduction zones formed during Africa-Eurasia convergence, including the relative migration of trench-arc systems, opening of interarc basins, and the development of postcollisional, within-plate rifts. Mantle plume activity may also have a significant influence in a number of localities. This collection of papers documents our current understanding of the magmatism in a number of key areas, providing a useful and comprehensive reference for researchers interested in this topic. Papers summarize results of comprehensive petrological and geochemical studies integrated with available geophysical data (including seismic tomography), allowing characterization of the mantle source of the magmas and magma generation processes. Mantle evolution and dynamics are discussed from an interdisciplinary perspective, providing an improved understanding of the complex tectonomagmatic setting of the Mediterranean region.
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March 01, 2007
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