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Advances in High-Pressure Mineralogy

Editor: Eiji Ohtani
Composed of three parts, this book summarizes recent progress in high-pressure mineral physics. It is ideal for geoscience readers interested in new views of Earth’s processes and for those who want to introduce new experimental and theoretical techniques to their studies. Part 1 investigates the phase transformations of minerals in static and shocked conditions, which provide a basis for understanding Earth’s dynamic processes. Part 2 reveals the role of volatiles in the mantle. Volatiles are one of the most important agents for producing chemical differentiation of the mantle, and they play an important role in the generation of various magmas. As a result, people from areas such as petrology, volcanology, and tectonics will find this section particularly useful. Part 3 describes theoretical and experimental techniques in high-pressure mineral physics. Several techniques for in situ X-ray observations provide important applications for the analysis of geological samples.
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September 05, 2007
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