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Coastline Changes

Full Title: Coastline Changes: Interrelation of Climate and Geological Processes
Editors: Jan Harff, William W. Hay, and Daniel M. Tetzlaff

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This volume contributes to the current discussion of the role of natural and anthropogenic driving forces for coastal processes and their socioeconomic consequences. Special attention is paid to computerized tools that allow us—based on reconstruction of paleodevelopments—to predict the interference of processes on different time scales. On the one hand, the book provides an overview of the current model developments in describing vertical crustal movement, climate change forcing sea-level variations, the genesis of the basin fill along continental margins, and the interference of these processes in coastal development. On the other hand, it describes coastal development in key areas for different climate zones and geological settings. Coastline Changes is addressed to students and professionals in the geosciences, archaeology, social sciences, economy, and computer sciences. It will foster interdisciplinary discussion for the purpose of developing integrated concepts for sustainable development of the coastal zones.
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October 04, 2007
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