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Stratigraphic Analyses Using GPR

Editors: Gregory S. Baker and Harry M. Jol

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The objective of this publication is to expose the scientific community to the state of the art in ground penetrating radar (GPR) applications related to stratigraphic analyses and imaging of the shallow subsurface. Special Paper 432 begins with an introductory chapter on GPR designed for nongeophysicists. Subsequent chapters summarize the application and interpretation of GPR data collected in numerous geomorphic environments. These stratigraphic studies are derived from locations worldwide and cover an extensive range of topics, including dunes, beach ridges, barriers/beach plains, glacial-marine ice-contact delta deposits, lacustrine strandline deposits, paleolake shorelines, fluvial deposits, paleovalley fills, and clastic dikes. Stratigraphic Analyses Using GPR is an invaluable resource for GPR-focused geophysicists and nongeophysicists alike, in terms of both the leading-edge scientific content and the extensive reference lists of previous studies on a diverse array of applications.
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October 22, 2007
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