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Ophiolites, Arcs, and Batholiths: A Tribute to Cliff Hopson

Editors: James E. Wright and John W. Shervais

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The western U.S. cordillera developed as an accretionary orogen from the early Paleozoic until the present. Much of our knowledge concerning ophiolite genesis, arc volcanism, and batholith emplacement finds it roots in the study of this orogenic belt. Cliff Hopson has made significant contributions to our understanding of the origin of ophiolites, arcs, and batholiths—including seminal studies of the Coast Range ophiolite of California, the Semail ophiolite of Oman, batholith emplacement in the Cascades, and basalts from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This volume honors Hopson’s contributions with papers by his many colleagues and former students. The papers focus on ophiolites, arcs, and batholiths in western cordillera, with additional contributions on adjacent regions and the ophiolite conundrum.
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April 03, 2008
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