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Late Cenozoic Drainage History, Great Basin

Full Title: Late Cenozoic Drainage History of the Southwestern Great Basin and Lower Colorado River Region: Geologic and Biotic Perspectives
The late Cenozoic history of surface waters in the arid deserts of the southwestern Great Basin and lower Colorado River region has fascinated scientists for more than two centuries. A wide diversity of closed basins with ancient lake beds and partially integrated drainage systems tantalizes scientists with the potential for studies of fundamental geologic and biologic processes, including landscape evolution, climate history, and tectonics; the distribution of regional aquatic biota; and the history of isolation and speciation. Early models of regional drainage history have been revised during the past decade, along with biogeographic inquiries of diverse aquatic organisms. The papers in this volume summarize and integrate geologic and biotic perspectives to provide a current synthesis of the aquatic history of this fascinating western North American region, and to develop broader perspectives on the types of research addressing issues of regional drainage history.
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May 07, 2008
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