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Investigations into the Tectonics of the Tibetan Plateau

Editors: B.Clark Burchfiel and Erchie Wang
This volume includes a variety of papers on the tectonics of the Tibetan Plateau and the Iranian Plateau that were presented at the first joint meeting between the Geological Society of America and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Each paper deals with a different aspect of the geology and/or the geophysics of the tectonic evolution of the plateau. Although most of the papers discuss areas in the northeastern part of the plateau, one concentrates on the complexity of the Cenozoic shear zones in Yunnan and one focuses on the late Cenozoic extensional tectonism along the western margin of the Iranian Plateau. Several papers discuss aspects of Tibetan tectonics not covered in any other papers and arrive at unique interpretations.
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October 23, 2008
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