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Management and Restoration of Fluvial Systems

Full Title: Management and Restoration of Fluvial Systems with Broad Historical Changes and Human Impacts
Editors: L. Allan James, Sara L. Rathburn, G. Richard Whittecar
Rivers serve as the arteries of environmental systems, the lateral connections that convey pulses of water, sediment, and nutrients down through valley networks. In most watersheds, fluvial geomorphic processes and surface hydrology operate dynamically at various temporal and spatial scales, and intimately influence both flood and drought hazards. Management of surface-water resources has become increasingly urgent as concerns escalate over global environmental change, water scarcity, food production, resource sustainability, and biodiversity. Thus, the science of rivers and the human dimensions of river management now receive unprecedented study. The fourteen papers in this volume bridge classic late-twentieth-century fluvial geomorphology with modern concepts of river management and restoration. They apply perspectives of integrated watershed science, anthropogenic impacts, and historical changes to a modern fluvial geomorphology.
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April 15, 2009
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Product Categories: B. Special Papers
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