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Random Megascale Events, Mars and Earth

Full Title: Preservation of Random Megascale Events on Mars and Earth: Influence on Geologic History
Editors: Mary G. Chapman and Laszlo P. Keszthelyi
This volume aims to expand and update our geoscience horizons by examining various short-duration random geologic processes that have been recognized on both Earth and Mars and the preservation potential of their geologic record on Earth as compared to Mars, and by considering the effects of such processes on the evolution of Earth. The authors in this GSA Special Paper explore a broad spectrum of topics in great detail by documenting specific examples. This variety of topics will undoubtedly be of interest to a wide range of readers, and will provide a readily accessible way for geologists to expand their geoscience horizons.
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April 28, 2009
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Product Categories: B. Special Papers
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