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Stratigraphy and Geology of Volcanic Areas

Editors: Gianluca Groppelli and Lothar Viereck-Goette
This book represents the state-of-the-art methodological aspects for mapping volcanic areas and highlights recent studies on the stratigraphy, structure, and evolution of active and extinct volcanic terrains, identifying the most important features of a volcano. The papers present new and innovative geological and hazard maps of volcanic terrains, and deal with the definition of mappable units during the field survey. The maps in the book and on the CD-ROM illustrate that the geological map can be a warehouse in which to store data on past eruptions and intereruption phenomena with significant implications for volcanic hazard assessment; volcanological features; petrographic, geochemical, and petrological studies; and geophysical models. Recent geological maps document the applicability of the concept of synthemic units as the main feature that can be used to synthesize and map the volcanic evolution of an area. We hope that this book will be used for further discussions and analyses to help establish a common world methodology for mapping volcanic areas.
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April 06, 2010
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