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Mining and Metallurgy in Ancient Perú

Author: Georg Petersen G.
Translator: William E. Brooks

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Translated by William E. Brooks.

In 2009, Perú was the world’s leading producer of silver, the world’s second leading producer of copper, and the leading producer of gold in Latin America. However, Perú’s role as a producer of metals extends for centuries into the past. Mining and Metallurgy in Ancient Perú documents the use of minerals, metals, and mineral resources in ancient Perú for pigments, industrial stone, and the aesthetic and artistic use of gold, silver, copper, and platinum. The tools and methods used for mining, as well as ancient mining sites in the extensive Andean region, are described here, as are metallurgical techniques and fabrication procedures. The volume also provides forward-thinking analytical data on metals, artifacts, and alloys. A detailed pyrite mirror, featured on the cover of the book, symbolizes the spectacular workmanship and blending of utilitarian craft and mineral resources in ancient Perú.

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April 06, 2010
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