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The 2 ka Eruption of Misti Volcano, Southern Peru

Full Title: The 2 ka Eruption of Misti Volcano, Southern Peru—The Most Recent Plinian Eruption of Arequipa’s Iconic Volcano
Authors: Christopher J. Harpel, Shanaka de Silva, and Guido Salas
Misti volcano’s last Plinian eruption, which happened ca. 2 ka, emplaced voluminous tephra-fall, pyroclastic-flow, and lahar deposits. Arequipa, located at the foot of the volcano, has a population of over 800,000 people and growing. Misti will erupt explosively again, and it is important to understand the past Plinian eruption. This Special Paper first provides a detailed description and analysis of the lahar deposits from the 2 ka eruption and the flows that emplaced them. Because Misti is located in an arid region, the authors have also included a detailed discussion of the paleoclimate conditions that provided the water for such voluminous lahars. The authors further delineate the complete eruption sequence for the pyroclastic-flow and tephra-fall deposits, providing a narrative of the eruption progression and dynamics. Finally, the book discusses the 2 ka eruption in the context of hazards from a future Plinian eruption and provides hazards maps for the different phenomena.
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November 28, 2011
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