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Mesozoic Assembly of the North American Cordillera

Author: Robert S. Hildebrand
In this well-illustrated book, Hildebrand builds upon the model for the Mesozoic collision of the exotic Rubian ribbon continent with the western margin of North America that he presented in Special Paper 457. Starting with an overview of Cordilleran exotic and suspect terranes, he goes on to integrate the disparate fragments into a dynamic model involving arc magmatism, arc-continent collision, slab failure magmatism, and meridional migration. While the main focus is on the offshore assembly of the Rubian ribbon continent, Hildebrand explores its interactions with North America during the Sevier and Laramide events and concludes that North America was the lower plate in both. The volume will be of great interest to the general geological community, including advanced students, as it presents new ideas on the Mesozoic assembly of California and provides the first overview of the North American Cordillera since GSA's Decade of North American Geology volumes some 20 years ago.
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February 25, 2013
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