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Military Geosciences in the Twenty-First Century

Editors: Russell S. Harmon, Sophie E. Baker, and Eric V. McDonald
Reviews in Engineering Geology, volume 22

Military geosciences are concerned with using the broad scope of the earth sciences for military purposes. These purposes range from direct support for military operations to a broad spectrum of non-combat military activities and military land management applications. Historically, the focus has been on geology and geography, but other earth science disciplines such as geophysics, remote sensing, and geocomputation have become increasingly important as a consequence of technological progress made during the final decades of the twentieth century. The eighteen chapters in this volume address the critical aspects of the role of geosciences in military undertakings by focusing on historical perspectives, geoscience for military operations, and military environmental stewardship.

From the Foreword:
Military Geosciences in the Twenty-First Century contains eighteen chapters on military geology, addressing the complex yet critical aspects of the role of geosciences in military undertakings. The papers cover a wide range of expertise drawn from the broad areas of geology, geomorphology, geography, geophysics, engineering geology, hydrogeology, cartography, environmental science, GIS/remote sensing, soil science, geoinformatics, and related disciplines that reflect the evolving multidisciplinary nature of military geology. The nature and scope of conflicts in modern time have expanded from physical military operations in extreme climatic and topographic environments to include remotely operated military hardware deployments, necessitating integration of the latest earth science information with computer-based decisions science to achieve maximum efficiency to meet war objectives, along with preservation and restoration of the unique ecosystems of the regions undergoing military actions.
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August 30, 2014
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Product Categories: F. Reviews in Engineering Geology
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