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Rethinking the Fabric of Geology

125th Anniversary Volume

Title: Rethinking the Fabric of Geology
Editor: Victor R. Baker
The 50 years since the publication of the book Fabric of Geology, edited by Claude C. Albritton Jr., have seen immense changes in both geology and philosophy of science. Philosophy of science is a far more nuanced subject than it was in 1963, but, with a few notable exceptions, little philosophical attention has been paid to geology. Rethinking the Fabric of Geology explores a number of philosophical issues in geology, ranging from its nature as a historical science to implications for geological education. The ten essays in this collection also include discussions of geological mapping, modeling prediction, and quantitative modeling. This volume invites students and professionals alike to think deeply about our science.

Learn more about the book from the video interview with volume editor Victor Baker.

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October 08, 2013
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