Happy 125th Birthday GSA!

GSA is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2013. Wondering what to give GSA on such a momentous birthday? We are asking all GSA members and friends to GIVE 125! Give what makes the most sense for you – dollars, time, possessions or yourself – in increments of 125. Our goal is for all GSA members to contribute 125 "somethings" to show support for GSA during its anniversary year. Contributions can be financial or geoscience community service or philanthropic projects that benefits GSA or the geosciences in general with a 125 component. These can be done by an individual or a group to meet the 125 goal. For example, members could pool their talents and tackle a project to get it to the 125 level as a group (e.g. a department, club or institution). GSA’s birthday wish list includes:

Please consider multiples of $125

Raise awareness of the geosciences by talking to K-12 students, social groups (e.g. Boy /Girl Scouts, Rotary clubs, etc.), legislators/congressmen or other members of the public. Goal is to connect with 125 individuals (but not necessarily same type of individual).

Describe what you contributed your time doing, including what types of individuals you reached and how many of each:

Enter your name, the name of the group, or all the names that contributed:

Donate materials such as rock/mineral samples, books, maps, or other geoscience related material to local schools, community colleges, libraries, or other places in need. Goal is to donate 125 items (but not necessarily the same type of item).

Describe the you items you contributed, and how many of each type:

Enter your name, the name of the group, or all the names that contributed:

Be creative and give through other types of geosciences community service in total increments of 125. For example, contribute hours of volunteer tutoring of geosciences students, or descriptions of the geology for parks or trails, or develop lesson plans and labs for K-12 teachers, etc. The possibilities are endless. Again, the goal is to contribute 125 "somethings" (but not necessarily the same things).

Describe what you did and how you met the 125 goal:

Enter your name, the name of the group, or all the names that contributed:

If you are a member of GSA, please enter your seven-digit Member ID#. If you are not a member of GSA, please leave this field blank:

We will log your project and your name as a contributor into a database, and the cumulative results will be displayed on a website to track progress all year long. At the 2013 Annual meeting in Denver, all participants will be recognized with a special memento. Please join us in Give 125!