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Mosaics in Science Program - Position Description

Public Land Name: John Day Fossil Beds National Monument
Position Title: Geologist / Paleontologist [Guest Scientist]
Agency: NPS
Position ID Number: 2012048
Location: Kimberly, OR
Position Description: We are looking for research proposals in geology and paleontology. Proposals should focus on geologic and paleontologic resources on federal lands in eastern Oregon that relate to broad topics such as Cenozoic volcanism, climate change, mammal evolution, and tectonics. This position can take many forms including field assistant, research assistant, student researcher, graduate researcher, and more. This position will include both field and office work. The Thomas Condon Paleontology Center at the Sheep Rock Unit of John Day Fossil Beds National Monument will serve as office, lab, collection, museum, and field base for research. This position is offered through the Geological Society of America's GeoCorps America Program in partnership with the National Park Serviceís Geoscientists-in-the-Parks Program.
Materials to be produced by participant: To be determined by supervisor based on specifics of project. Materials may include: Research proposal. Mid term research update. Research presentation to park staff and visitors. Final report including field notes, maps, associated data and more as appropriate.
Qualifications: An undergraduate degree in geology, paleontology, biology, or related field is the standard background. A graduate degree or graduate level course work, plus previous research and field experience are expected for this position. We are also offering another GeoCorps position that requires less experience and does not bear the title Guest Scientist. Applicant must have a valid driverís license. Prior to starting this position a government security background clearance will be required.
Position Dates: April - September, start and end dates flexible
Position Duration: 12 weeks
Stipend: $2,750 base, higher stipend may be offered based on individual qualifications
Travel Allowance:
(For non-local candidates)
Housing Allowance: $1,500
Housing Details: The participant will be responsible for securing his/her own housing in the Kimberly, OR area with a housing allowance of $1,500 for twelve weeks in addition to the $2,750 stipend.
The John Day Fossil Beds NM is situated in the John Day River valley and surrounding lands. The area of paleontological interest consists of over 10,000 square miles cooperatively managed by the NPS, BLM and NFS. Elevation in the region varies from 1500 feet to 9000 feet. Vegetation includes sagebrush / bunchgrass steppe, junipers, and forests of firs, ponderosas, and aspens. The area is remote and rural, made up of numerous small towns with populations fewer than 200 and surrounding towns of up to a few thousand. A personal vehicle is highly recommended as public transportation is limited. The closest airport is in Redmond, OR, approximately three hours from the park headquarters. Other options are Boise, ID or Portland, OR. The rock formations of the John Day Fossil Beds preserve evidence of plant and animal life from the Eocene through late Miocene. This remarkable 40 million year long record can be used by scientists to address questions of evolution and climate change. The numerous volcanic events recorded here can provide insight into regional tectonic and volcanic processes as well as providing fantastic age control for many of the fossil assemblages. Scientific study of this area has been ongoing for over 100 years, but it is still a place of discovery.
Work Environment: Work time will be split between office and lab space at the Thomas Condon Paleontology Center, John Day Fossil Beds NM and field work. Field environments can be extreme including steep terrain, prolonged sun exposure, high temperatures and large daily ranges of temperature. Suggested field gear includes good hiking boots, a day pack, and water bottles. Suggested field clothing for hot dry weather includes a hat, light weight long sleeve shirts, and tough long pants to withstand wear and tear on sharp rocks. A personal vehicle is highly recommended for commuting, grocery shopping and personal travel.
# of current Applicants: 6

If you have questions about the application and selection process, please contact Matthew Dawson.  If you have questions about any aspect of the position — description, qualifications, housing, dates — please contact the primary or secondary contact below. The Primary and Secondary Contacts will not accept application materials sent to them via e-mail, mail, fax, etc. See the full Mosaic program details at the Mosaics in Science home-page.

Contact Name: Dr. Joshua Samuels
Title: Museum Curator / Chief of Paleontology
Street Address: 32651 Hwy 19
City/State/Zip: Kimberly, OR 97848
Phone: (541) 987-2333
Contact Name: Jim Hammett
Title: Superintendent
Street Address: 32651 Hwy 19
City/State/Zip: Kimberly, OR 97848
Phone: (541) 987-2333
Email: .