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Mosaics in Science Program - Position Description

Public Land Name: Dinosaur National Monument
Position Title: Information Technology / Paleontologist
Agency: NPS
Position ID Number: 2012029
Location: Jensen, UT
Position Description: Dinosaur National Monument has a diverse and rich fossil record that extends well beyond the famous Carnegie Quarry for which it was established. Dinosaur has an on-going program of updating its website with various media to reach out to the public and scientists worldwide about these resources and the on-going paleo research conducted by park staff and outside paleontologists and geologists. The GeoCorps/GIP participant will work with the Park Paleontologist and outside researchers in the field to photograph and conduct video interviews at remote fossil localities and active excavations, edit video for posting, and developing text about these activities for Monument website. This work will emphasize on-going study of the fossils and paleoenvironments of the Early Jurassic Glen Canyon Group, the Late Jurassic Morrison Formation, and Late Triassic Chinle Formation within the Monument. Other work will aim to update and expand the paleontological and geological portions of the Monumentís website to provide information and resources to the visiting public and scientific community. These postings will be a mix of popular and technical information. Part of the work will involve editing existing written data and photographs on specific topics for use on-line (for example quarry history, park scientific bibliography, photos and descriptions of scientifically significant specimens in museum collections, summaries of on-going research projects). The GeoCorps/GIP participant will also assist with some museum collection management duties related to the paleontological components of the collection. This position is offered through the Geological Society of America's GeoCorps Program in partnership with the National Park Serviceís Geoscientists-in-the-Parks Program.
Materials to be produced by participant: Final products will be data sets, written documents, photographs, video clips, etc. about Dinosaurís paleontological and geological research and resources that will be uploaded to the Monumentís website. These products will serve the general public, visitors, and the scientific community.
Qualifications: Applicants must be upper class undergraduate or graduate students in geology or other related field with an understanding of geological and paleontological concepts and terminology. Professionals are also welcome to apply. The participant should have excellent computer, oral and written communication skills, and an ability to work well with others. Video and digital photography editing skills are desirable. The design and structure of the Dinosaur National Monument website has been established servicewide by the NPS, so web design experience is not necessary. Applicant must have a valid driverís license and a good driving record. Prior to starting this position a government security background clearance will be required.
Position Dates: April through September, start/end dates flexible.
Position Duration: 12 weeks
Stipend: $2,750
Travel Allowance:
(For non-local candidates)
Housing Allowance: $0
Housing Details: Housing will be provided at no cost to the participant. Housing is furnished as a dormitory situation (with generally 4-6 fellow roommates) with stove, refrigerator, sink & cupboards, cookware and dishes, hot and cold running water, shower, and laundry facilities. Housing is a 50 yard walk from duty station office.
The position is based primarily in an office setting in the Green River Resource Center (with HVAC) in the Utah half of Dinosaur National Monument. However, some field work is necessary. Field areas are accessible by vehicle, so overnight camping is unnecessary. Field work will be performed in a park environment where the terrain is moderately sloped to steep and uneven. Field work will involve moderate to strenuous exertion with occasional long periods of hiking at an elevation of about 5,000 ft. Hiking will be a mix of walking across sandy and mudstone hills with loose pebbles and smooth, bare rock surfaces. Summer daytime temperatures can reach 100 Ė 105 degrees F. Sturdy footwear is required.
Work Environment: Housing is in the Green River District (Utah) and will share a house with other seasonal employees. A small convenience store and gas station is located 7 miles away. Vernal, with city amenities, is 20 miles to the east. There is no public transportation, so while not necessary, it is recommended that participant drive a personal vehicle. Government vehicles will be available for work assignments, though these may be shared among several users. Radio communication with park dispatch is available in most field areas.
# of current Applicants: 11

If you have questions about the application and selection process, please contact Matthew Dawson.  If you have questions about any aspect of the position — description, qualifications, housing, dates — please contact the primary or secondary contact below. The Primary and Secondary Contacts will not accept application materials sent to them via e-mail, mail, fax, etc. See the full Mosaic program details at the Mosaics in Science home-page.

Contact Name: Dan Chure
Title: Paleontologist
Street Address: Dinosaur National MonumentPO Box 128
City/State/Zip: Jensen, UT 84035
Phone: (435) 781-7703
Contact Name: Wayne Prokopetz
Title: Chief, Research and Resource Managament
Street Address: Dinosaur National MonumentPO Box 128
City/State/Zip: Jensen, UT 84035
Phone: (435) 781-7721