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Geocorps Logo Contest

GSA is excited to announce the GeoCorps Logo Design Contest!

Goal: Create an official GeoCorps logo that can be printed on various items, from letterhead to patches to t-shirts.
To enter: Please email your design to , post it to the GeoCorps Facebook page, or do both.
Eligibility: Anyone can submit a design. GeoCorps participants, alumni, and partners are particularly encouraged to submit designs or suggestions.
Deadline: 19 September 2011, 11:59 pm (Mountain Time); but earlier submissions are encouraged.
Judging: GSA and partner agency staff will choose up to five of the top designs, and GeoCorps participants and alumni will vote on which of these is the best. The top vote-getter will become the official GeoCorps logo.
Incentive: The winner receives a package of the latest GSA swag, and bragging rights at the GSA Annual Meeting. Up to four runners up will also receive a small token of GSA’s gratitude.
Result: The winning logo will be featured on, and will be printed on various GeoCorps-related items.

The winning logo will:
a. Include the text “GeoCorps America”.
b. Include visual elements representing the spirit of GeoCorps: “Geoscience in service of America’s public lands.”
c. Be of a size and shape suitable for multiple purposes, such as: posters, letterhead, patches, pins, hats, shirts, jackets, water bottles, and other stationery, clothing, and promotional items.
d. Have an eye-catching, but uncluttered design that can be printed in varied formats: large or small, color or black-and-white/two-tone.
e. Look good when printed alongside or “wrapped” by the text “Geological Society of America”, “GSA”, or “”. The logo itself does not need to include such text.
f. Look good when printed alongside the GSA logo, and the logos of the GeoCorps partners: NPS, USFS, and BLM. (see logos to the right on this page)

(*The name of the artist may not be included as part of the final logo, but the artist will be given credit on the GeoCorps web pages. The final artwork will become the property of GSA, who will have the right to post, print, use, modify, etc. without the permission or consent of the original artist.)

Good luck! We look forward to seeing the entries!




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If you have questions about the GeoCorps program, please e-mail the GeoCorps Manager, .