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The need for geoscience expertise in America's public lands is great. In many cases, geoscience is not adequately addressed in education, resource management, geological hazards mitigation, and research on public lands. The Geological Society of America, through the GeoCorps program, strives to increase the number of geoscientists on-the-ground, contributing to the research and protection of geologic resources and developing education and outreach activities.

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Guest Scientist Program

The GeoCorps Guest Scientist Program has evolved as a branch of GeoCorps America. Traditionally, most GeoCorps participants have been relatively new geoscientists or geoscientists-in-training for whom it is beneficial to spend the summer at a National Park, National Forest, or BLM Unit to gain on-the-ground experience in geology and geology-related fields. Their knowledge and skills enable them to assist public lands with their important geoscience projects.

However, many public lands have need for a higher level of expertise or for a longer-term project than the typical three-month GeoCorps assignment can offer. Through the Guest Scientist Program, public land managers are able to submit geoscience and geoscience-related projects that require up to one year’s time and/or expertise within a specific geoscience field. GeoCorps participants involved in these higher-needs projects are classified as Guest Scientists. Qualified candidates who meet the eligibility requirements can apply to be a Guest Scientist. Previous GeoCorps participants are not eligible to apply for another similar position, but they are eligible to apply to be Guest Scientists.