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How To Apply

GeoCorps America

GSA is an Equal Opportunity Employer

  1. View Positions
  2. Submit Online Résumé
  3. View Application Details
  4. Apply (or unapply) by clicking button
  5. Mail in required documents
  6. Notification
  7. Example Application Procedure

2005 Season Closed

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 1. View Positions

 2. Submit Online Résumé

  • Submit an online GeoCorps résumé.   [ submit résumé ]
  • Do not send any other résumé to GSA to apply. You must submit a GeoCorps online résumé. This is the only résumé that will be accepted.
  • You may modify your résumé at any time before the deadline date. All résumés are considered final after that date.   [ modify résumé ]
  • You will receive an e-mail confirmation that your résumé was successfully received by GSA.
  • If you do not receive this e-mail confirmation, there was an error in the submittal process. Please set up or modify your résumé again. Only when you have received your e-mail confirmation will you know it has been received and you are cleared to apply for a position.

 3. Apply (or Unapply) by clicking button

  • View positions
  • Select Apply or Unapply on each position (click button for each position).
  • You will receive an e-mail that confirms you successfully applied (or unapplied) for a position.
  • If you do not receive this confirmation e-mail, there was an error in the submittal process. Please apply or unapply again. Only when you receive your e-mail confirmation will you know if you successfully applied (or unapplied) for each postiion.
  • You may apply for up to 3 positions. No more than 3 applications will be accepted.
  • Only online résumés are accepted .   [ submit résumé ]

 4. Mail Required Items to GSA

  • Your application materials must be postmarked on or before the deadline.
  • You must submit a separate (tailored) cover letter and two (2) letters of recommendation for each position for which you apply using the GSA forms. Note that these forms (PDF format) are designed to be completed prior to printing; however, once entered, the data cannont be saved, so be sure to print a copy for your records.
    Cover Letter Form (complete one per position applying for)
    Letter of Recommendation Form (two letters for each position applying for)
  • The salutation line on each of these letters should be to the primary contact person listed on each position page.
  • You must submit unofficial college transcripts if you are currently an undergraduate or graduate student or if you were within the last five years. Submit a copy of transcripts for each position you are applying for.
  • You must mail paper versions of all required materials (letters of recommendation, transcripts, cover letter). Faxes and e-mails NOT ACCEPTED.
  • Send application packet(s) to:
      Wesley Massey
      GSA - GeoCorps Application
      3300 Penrose Place
      PO Box 9140
      Boulder, CO 80301
  • Application checklist
  • You must send the entire completed application packet all at once. You may not send separate items of your application at various times. Each position = one envelope. You may send one large envelope with 2 or 3 smaller ones inside for each position you are applying for. Make sure your application packet is complete before sending it to GSA.
  • You can track if application materials have been received by GSA by visiting My GeoCorps. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for US Mail and processing/posting.

 5. Questions

  • If you have specific questions about the position you are applying for, call the primary or secondary contact on the position page (e.g., exact start date, housing situation).
  • If you have specific questions regarding this application process through GSA, e-mail Wesley Massey at (e.g., problems with online résumé).


  • Do not call to ask about the status of your application. Check the "My GeoCorps" tab to view if GSA has received your application packet.
  • You will receive an interview call if you are selected as a finalist. Please do not call the Park, Forest, or GSA to determine your status. You will be interviewed by phone if you are a finalist.
  • If you do not receive an interview call by 1 April, you can assume you were not chosen for the position. GSA receives more than 250 applications. Please keep this in mind and apply again next year. We would welcome your application again in the future.
  • GSA will post the position titles on the GeoCorps Web site as they are filled. Please start checking the Web site in mid-March for a list of the filled positions.

 7. Example Application Procedure

Susan applied for two GeoCorps positions — a geologist position at Mount Rainier National Park and a resource manager position at Siskiyou National Forest. Susan is a college student. For the Mount Rainier position, she must submit a résumé online, a cover letter specific to the Mount Rainier position, two letters of recommendation, all of her college transcripts, and organize it all into a completed application packet. For the Siskiyou position, she must submit an online résumé, a cover letter specific to the Siskiyou position, two letters of recommendation, all of her college transcripts, and organize it all into a completed application packet. She should then combine the packets into a single envelope and send it to GSA on or before the postmark deadline date. Later, Susan can check the "My GeoCorps" tab to confirm that GSA received her application packet.

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