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Field Stories

Steven Chemtob, Craters of the Moon National Monument, IdahoSteven Chemtob
Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho

"My summer at Craters of the Moon has been very helpful for my career as a geologist. I have refined my field geology skills, including mapping and field interpretation of geologic features. I am interested in geochemistry and igneous petrology, so the wealth of information I accumulated about volcanic features will be very useful. I also improved my public speaking skills, particularly my ability to explain complicated topics to an uninformed audience. These skills are very important for my planned career as a teacher and researcher - for interacting with students and for interacting with other scientists for presentations. GeoCorps America has been a fantastic experience, one that I would recommend to any young geoscientist."

Alan Watchman, Bureau of Land Management, Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area, Colorado Alan Watchman
Bureau of Land Management,
Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area, Colorado

"By walking across the area and collecting a suite of weathered rock samples as reference material, I was able to upgrade the existing geological map of the Mancos Shale in the area. I compiled my geological observations onto printed maps and then modified the existing digital geological records. This facilitated the production of an enhanced geological map of the Conservation Area, focusing on the Cretaceous Mancos Shale. The experience was valuable by giving me the opportunity to share observations and field knowledge with Colorado State geologists, and to work with geologists at the US Geological Survey. The contacts that I made this summer will prove invaluable when following up on job prospects in the region."

Seth Ames Seth Ames
Sierra National Forest, California

"This summer I worked as a geologist on the Sierra National Forest on three primary projects: a soil compaction assessment, a cave inventory, and a water quality monitoring project. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to help protect some of our nation's most valuable natural resources. The experience and knowledge I gained as a GeoCorps participant will be indispensable as I start my career in the geosciences."

Nicole MooreNicole Moore
Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

"This summer I worked at Mesa Verde National Park as park educator and interpreter. My objective was to integrate geology into the educational programs provided at the park. I felt quite a responsibility in this task, since the focus at Mesa Verde for the past 100 years has been the cultural aspects of the park, rather than the natural resources. I developed a web page on the geology of the area, as well as a geology brochure for park visitors. This entailed extensive research on my part, as well as strenuous hikes throughout the park to capture photographs of the geologic features and formations in the area. I have been able to further develop my skills as a geologist, in particular by communicating complex geologic concepts to those without a scientific background, a valuable resource for me since I wish to become a professor."

Carrie Elizabeth CzechCarrie Czech
White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

"My time at White Sands National Monument has helped me to become a much better Earth Scientist. Not only did I extensively learn about the geology of this unique region, I also learned about the plants and animals that struggle to survive in one of the harshest environments in the world. I now have a much deeper appreciation for the National Park Service and the resources they protect."

Karen Merrill Karen Merrill
Sierra National Forest, California

"My position this summer is probably best described as a geologic engineer. I worked on a variety of projects on the Sierra National Forest such as: bringing previously closed landfills into compliance with regulation, assessing hazards at abandoned mine sites, developing ways of keeping the public safe from these hazards, & studying a rockslide that damaged a forest road to determine if rebuilding would be worthwhile. I am very happy with the GeoCorps experience and am very grateful for the opportunity. I gained necessary skills to apply the knowledge I gained in college to practical situations in the field. I truly believe the projects I have been involved with have helped make the National Forest safer and better for visitors, which is extremely rewarding."

Ryan WeidertRyan Weidert
Mount Evans, Arapaho Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado

"My experience at Mt. Evans has greatly increased my personal as well as professional life. My interaction with approximately 100 visitors a day has honed my people skills, which will aid me immensely in my future geological career. Furthermore, this once in a lifetime opportunity has strengthened my confidence in my personal geological interpretations and has guided my future aspirations in the field of geology. The benefits of this 'real world' experience cannot be measured and more importantly cannot be taught in any amount of schooling. I truly am fortunate for being allowed to be involved in this wonderful program."

Stephanie Kyriazis Stephanie Kyriazis
Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

"My summer at Bryce Canyon National Park has refined my ability to communicate scientific concepts to the public in an engaging manner and improved my skills as a research scientist. I was given the opportunity to independently coordinate education and research projects, and to engage in dialogue and work with local research geologists."