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Dear Sedimentary Geology Division Member,

Stephen E. Laubach Structural Diagenesis Research Award Fund
Deadline extended to 10 June 2014

The Stephen E. Laubach Structural Diagenesis Research Award Fund promotes research combining structural geology and diagenesis, and curriculum development in structural diagenesis. The donors believe multidisciplinary approaches often reveal new insights into long-standing problems and expose productive avenues for enquiry. To help promot the cross disciplinary emphasis of this annual award the Sedimentery Geology and Structural Geology & Tectonics divisions of the Geological Society of America have been designated to jointly select the recipient.

Graduate students, postgraduate and faculty level researchers are eligible. A $2500 award will be made for 2014.

This award addresses the rapidly growing recognition that fracturing, cement precipitation and dissolution, evolving rock mechanical properties and other structural diagenesis processes can govern recovery of resources and sequestration of material in deeply buried, diagenetically altered and fractured sedimentary rocks. The award highlights the growing need to break down disciplinary boundaries between structural geology and sedimentary petrology, exemplified by the work of Dr. Stephen Laubach and colleagues.

Please see for additional details and information on the application.


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NewNow accepting Stephen E. Laubach Structural Diagenesis Research Award Fund: See SGT website for more information.

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