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Structural Geology and Tectonics Division Student Fund:

In 2010, at the 30th anniversary of the Structural Geology and Tectonics Division of the Geological Society of America, the Structural Geology and Tectonics Division Student Fund was initiated. The division has always supported student research and travel to conferences, field trips and short courses via membership dues and proceeds from merchandise sales. This is money well spent. Past recipients of graduate student research grants are now some of the shining stars of our field. Students represent the future of our division, and the board considers the support of students who are interested in structural geology and tectonics to be among our highest priorities.




Since 2010 we have been in the process of growing the student fund. The money is housed at the GSA Foundation so that it collects interest, and so that all SG&T division members can donate directly to the fund, knowing that 100% of their tax deductible donation is going to support student activities.







The initial goal was to grow the SG&T Division Student Fund to $80K and we are now more than half-way, at ca. $50K. Once we reach our goal, the interest from that amount will provide more support for students than we have ever been able to offer in the history of the SG&T Division. To really reflect the size and scope of the SG&T Division, we hope to have $200K in the fund in the next few years. With this amount we will be able to greatly expand on our current level of support for students. So, we continue to ask those members who can do so to donate even more, and we are also looking for members who would be willing to match the donations of others.







Click here for a write-up on the 2014 Student Field Trip and Short Course Grant awardees.


Donations to the SG&T Student Fund can be made through the Foundation's website - or by contacting the Foundation (contact info on that site).


Thank you so much for your support.


-Management Board

  Structural Geology and Tectonics Division



Thank you for your support of the SG&T Division Student Fund:
Donors of $500 or more:    
Bruce H. Bryant Paul Karabinos Structural Geology & Tectonics Division (GSA)
George H. Davis John S. Oldow Barbara J. Tewksbury
William M. Dunne Richard H. Sibson Jan Tullis
Carl E. Jacobson Carol Simpson Donald U. Wise
William W. Jenney Edward A. Steiner  
Donors of $200 to $500:    
Richard W. Allmendinger Rodger T. Faill Mark A. McNaught
Wendy A. Bohrson Mark B. Gordon Andrew J. Meigs
Ronald L. Bruhn Richard A. Hoppin Kevin J. Smart
John O. Byrd Jay L. Jackson Jaime Toro
Brian S. Carl Scott E. Johnson Paul J. Umhoefer
Darrel S. Cowan Scot W. Krueger Rob Van der Voo
Dyanna M. Czeck Alvis L. Lisenbee Steven F. Wojtal
Donors of $100 to $200:    
Robert J. Alexander Donna Goss Robert H. Moench
Elizabeth A. Baker Mary B. Gray Eldridge M. Moores
Robert L. Bauer Richard H. Groshong Sharon Mosher
Marianne Binkin Gilmor S. Hamill Russell E. Myers
Mark T. Brandon Stephen S. Harlan Richard P. Nickelsen
Timothy N. Byrne Tom L. Heidrick David D. Pollard
Sara Carena James A. Helwig Alexander C. Robinson
Christopher D. Connors Christopher D. Henry Sarah M. Roeske
Michele L. Cooke Lincoln S. Hollister Frank Royse
Brent A. Couzens-Schultz Daniel K. Holm Eli A. Silver
James F. Dolan Keith A. Howard David L. Southwick
Peter Eichhubl Mary S. Hubbard Albert Y. Sun
Eric A. Erslev Jeffrey A. Karson Frederick W. Vollmer
James P. Evans G. Randy Keller John H. Whitmer
Hubert Gabrielse Willy LeBihan Donna L. Whitney
Peter A. Geiser Claudia J. Lewis Stacy Wilkin
John W. Geissman Michael O. Maler Henry H. Woodard
Scott D. Giorgis Allen J. McGrew W. Adolph Yonkee
Allen F. Glazner Robert J. McLaughlin  
Elizabeth R. Goeke Takao Miyata  
Donors up to $100:    
M. James Aldrich Ronald A. Harris Ronald L. Phair
Edgar Angeles-Moreno Robert D. Hatcher Donald B. Potter
Paul Auerbach Erich C. Heydweiller Joseph F. Reese
Gary J. Axen Ivan C. Higuera-Diaz Phillip G. Resor
David L. Barbeau David A. Hindle Kenneth D. Ridgway
Keith B. Benn James S. Hnat Margaret E. Rusmore
Luke P. Beranek John P. Hogan Amanda M. Savrda
Alexander K. Biholar Leonard D. Hogan Elizabeth R. Schermer
DelWayne R. Bohnenstiehl Sally M. Houseman Jeffrey M. Schroeder
Martin L. Bregman Peter J. Hudleston Giovanni F. Sella
Leslie M. Briscoe Pamela Jansma Colin A. Shaw
Burrell C. Burchfiel Angela S. Jayko William J. Sims
Kurtis C. Burmeister Micah J. Jessup Virginia B. Sisson
Kim R. Butler Jasmine N. Johengen James W. Skehan
Jonathan S. Caine Ajeet K. Johnson Arthur W. Snoke
Amanda Z. Calle Simon A. Kattenhorn Gary S. Solar
Phyllis A. Camilleri Ralph O. Kehle Uwe Strecker
Clement G. Chase Robert E. Kell Bunnie J. Sullivan
Frederick M. Chester Keith A. Klepeis Michael Taylor
Judith S. Chester Jamie L. Kraft Carolyn M. Tewksbury-Christle
Jennie Cook Robert W. Krantz Jacob O. Thacker
Vincent S. Cronin David R. Lageson Sarah E. Tindall
Janet Cushing Willem Langenberg Tyler Tripplehorn
Gregory A. Davis Robert D. Lawrence Cristian F. Vallejo
John S. Davis Hyunwoo Lee Ryan Walker
Abelardo Diaz Jonathan C. Lewis Jeffrey R. Webber
Gregory Dumond Beth Z. Lincoln Larry Wehr
Rebecca M. Flowers Conall Mac Niocaill Arlo Weil
Helen L. Foster Kevin H. Mahan Zachary R. Wessel
Matt Francsis Stephen Marshak David P. West
Connie B. Garrett Richard D. McJunkin Julie B. Willis
M.  (Max) J. Giles Nadine McQuarrie John E. Wolfe
Jane A. Gilotti Michael Mignone Mary C. Woodland
Gary H. Girty Cristina Millan Lindsay A. Worthington
Ramon A. Gonzalez Gautam Mitra Petr Yakovlev
Elizard González-Becuar Boris A. Natal'in Shizuo Yoshida
William A. Griffith Charles M. Onasch David J. Young
Kellen Gunderson Ramon D. Orozco Zuyi Zhou
Alan R. Haight Darío L. Orts  
Walter D. Hall Jonathan D. Payne  
Donor list from 2011 (inclusive) through April 1, 2013. In addition $2,210 in donations were made at the 2011 and 2012 Division Business and Awards Meetings.

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