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Welcome to the

Structural Geology & Tectonics Division

 of the

Geological Society of America. 

Structural geology and tectonics are the investigation of the geometry, kinematics, and dynamics of deformation in natural materials at all scales. These investigations are frequently field-based and draw on remote observations, experimental work, and computer simulations. They are commonly interdisciplinary, involving other geoscientists, scientists and society members. The investigations increase the basic understanding of geological processes, hazards, and resources, thus contributing to the well being of society.

The purpose of the division is to bring together scientists interested in structural geology and tectonics to facilitate the presentation and discussion of their problems and ideas, to stimulate communication with other earth scientists, to promote research and the publication of results on structural geology and tectonic studies, and to advise and assist the officers and committees of the Society in matters pertaining to structural geology and tectonics.

Future Directions in Tectonics White Paper

  It has been over a decade since the Tectonics community generated a White Paper articulating the long-term vision and goals of the Tectonics Community in its broadest sense.  A small organizing committee committee formed over the summer of 2014, with the goal of engaging in the community building process of writing a White Paper.  A process has been outlined to promote inclusiveness and maximize participation. Click here for more details and to see how you can participate.

SGT Featured Essays in 2013:
  As part of our celebration of GSA's 125th Anniversary in 2013, the SGT board invited 12 people to write essays on topics of interest to the SGT community, one per month. The essays appeared on GSA's "Speaking of Geoscience" blog. Click HERE for direct links to posted essays.

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