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Table of Contents - GSA Field Guide 10

Roaming the Rocky Mountains and Environs: Geological Field Trips

edited by Robert G. Raynolds

1. Cornucopia of coal and coalbed gas in the Powder River Basin: From mining and utilization to methane and methanogens
Romeo M. Flores, Gary D. Stricker, Michael E. Brownfield, Margaret S. Ellis, Edward L. Heffern, and Jason D. Putnam
2. Clastic sedimentology, sedimentary architecture, and sequence stratigraphy of fluvio-deltaic, shoreface, and shelf deposits, Upper Cretaceous, Book Cliffs, eastern Utah and western Colorado
Simon A.J. Pattison, Huw Williams, and Paul Davies
3. Proterozoic geology and Phanerozoic reactivation of the newly recognized Grizzly Creek shear zone, Glenwood Canyon, Colorado
Joseph L. Allen and Colin A. Shaw
4. Geology, petrochemistry, and time-space evolution of the Cripple Creek district, Colorado
Eric P. Jensen and Mark D. Barton
5. Paleoindian geoarchaeology of the Barger Gulch area, Middle Park, Colorado
James H. Mayer, Nicole M. Waguespack, Todd A. Surovell, and J. Michael Daniels
6. Revisiting the South Caņon Number 1 Coal Mine fire during a geologic excursion from Denver to Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Glenn B. Stracher, Nancy Lindsley-Griffin, John R. Griffin, Steven Renner, Paul Schroeder, James H. Viellenave, M. Naze-Nancy Masalehdani, and Claudia Kuenzer
7. Miocene magmatism and coeval crustal extension in the Colorado River and Death Valley extensional terrains (IGCP-510)
J.P. Calzia, Steve Ludington, C.F. Miller, and O.T. Rämö
8. Track of the Yellowstone hotspot: Young and ongoing geologic processes from the Snake River Plain to the Yellowstone Plateau and Tetons
L.A. Morgan, K.L. Pierce, and W.C. Pat Shanks
9. River incision histories of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and Unaweep Canyon: Interplay between late Cenozoic tectonism, climate change, and drainage integration in the western Rocky Mountains
Andres Aslan, Karl Karlstrom, William C. Hood, Rex D. Cole, Thomas W. Oesleby, Charles Betton, M. Magdalena Sandoval, Andy Darling, Sam Kelley, Adam Hudson, Bryan Kaproth, Shane Schoepfer, Mary Benage, and Rachel Landman
10. From buttes to bowls: Repeated relief inversion in the landscape of the Colorado Piedmont
Matthew L. Morgan, Vincent Matthews, Francisco Gutiérrez, Jon P. Thorson, Richard F. Madole, and Paul R. Hanson
11. Boulder Creek: A stream ecosystem in an urban landscape
Philip L. Verplanck, Sheila F. Murphy, Peter W. Birkeland, John Pitlick, Larry B. Barber, and Travis S. Schmidt
12. Late Pleistocene through Holocene landscape evolution of the White River Badlands, South Dakota
Patrick A. Burkhart, Jack Livingston, J. Elmo Rawling III, Paul R. Hanson, Shannon Mahan, Rachel Benton, Erin Heffron, Michael Jahn, Travis Anderson, and Bryan Page
13. Laramide paleoseismites of the Bighorn Basin
Kevin G. Stewart, Mervin J. Bartholomew, and Heather A. Ballantyne
14. Geoarchaeology of the Clary Ranch Paleoindian sites, western Nebraska
David W. May, Matthew G. Hill, Adam C. Holven, Thomas J. Loebel, David J. Rapson, Holmes A. Semken Jr., and James L. Theler
15. Plants, fish, turtles, and insects from the Morrison Formation: A Late Jurassic ecosystem near Cañon City, Colorado
Mark A. Gorman II, Ian M. Miller, Jason D. Pardo, and Bryan J. Small