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Table of Contents - GSA Field Guide 13

Field Trip Guides to the Backbone of the Americas in the Southern and Central Andes: Ridge Collision, Shallow Subduction, and Plateau Uplift

edited by Suzanne Mahlburg Kay and Víctor A. Ramos

1. Field trip guide: Ridge-trench collision—The southern Patagonian Cordillera east of the Chile Triple Junction
Matthew L. Gorring
2. Field trip guide: Andean Cordillera and backarc of the south-central Andes (~38.5°S to 37°S)
Tomás Zapata, Gonzalo Zamora Valcarce, Andrés Folguera, and Daniel Yagupsky
3. Field trip guide: Frontal and Main Andean Cordilleras near the southern boundary of the Pampean shallow subduction zone
Víctor A. Ramos
4. Field trip guide: Evolution of the Pampean flat slab region over the shallowly subducting Nazca plate
Víctor A. Ramos
5. Field trip guide: Neogene evolution of the central Andean Puna plateau and southern Central Volcanic Zone
Suzanne Mahlburg Kay, Beatriz Coira, and Constantino Mpodozis