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Table of Contents - Field Guide 20

From the Shield to the Sea: Geological Field Trips from the 2011 Joint Meeting of the GSA Northeastern and North-Central Sections

edited by Richard M. Ruffolo and Charles N. Ciampaglio

Preface v
1. Late Devonian paleontology and paleoenvironments at Red Hill and other fossil sites in the Catskill Formation of north-central Pennsylvania
Edward B. Daeschler and Walter L. Cressler III
2. An introduction to structures and stratigraphy in the proximal portion of the Middle Devonian Marcellus and Burket/Geneseo black shales in the Central Appalachian Valley and Ridge
Terry Engelder, Rudy Slingerland, Michael Arthur, Gary Lash, Daniel Kohl, and D.P. Gold
3. Pennsylvanian climatic events and their congruent biotic responses in the central Appalachian Basin
David K. Brezinski and Albert D. Kollar
4. Landslides in the vicinity of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Richard E. Gray, James V. Hamel, and William R. Adams Jr.
5. Quaternary geology of northwestern Pennsylvania
Gary M. Fleeger, Todd Grote, Eric Straffin, and John P. Szabo
6. The history and geology of the Allegheny Portage Railroad, Blair and Cambria Counties, Pennsylvania
John A. Harper
7. Early industrial geology of western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio: Early gristmills and iron furnaces west of the Alleghenies and their geologic contexts
Joseph T. Hannibal, Tammie L. Gerke, Mary K. McGuire, Harry M. Edenborn, Ann L. Holstein, and David Parker
8. The old, the crude, and the muddy: Oil history in western Pennsylvania
Kristin M. Carter and Kathy J. Flaherty