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Table of Contents - Field Guide 21

Geologic Field Trips to the Basin and Range, Rocky Mountains, Snake River Plain, and Terranes of the U.S. Cordillera

edited by Jeffrey Lee and James P. Evans

Preface v
1. New investigations of Pleistocene glacial and pluvial records in northeastern Nevada
Jeffrey S. Munroe and Benjamin J.C. Laabs
2. Timing, distribution, amount, and style of Cenozoic extension in the northern Great Basin
Christopher D. Henry, Allen J. McGrew, Joseph P. Colgan, Arthur W. Snoke, and Matthew E. Brueseke
3. Tectonomagmatic evolution of distinct arc terranes in the Blue Mountains Province, Oregon and Idaho
C.J. Northrup, M. Schmitz, G. Kurz, and K. Tumpane
4. Neogene drainage development of Marsh and Portneuf valleys, eastern Idaho
Glenn D. Thackray, David W. Rodgers, and Andrew Drabick
5. The Neogene drainage history of south-central Idaho
Paul K. Link and Mary K.V. Hodges
6. Paleontology and stratigraphy of middle Eocene rock units in the Bridger and Uinta Basins, Wyoming and Utah
Paul C. Murphey, K.E. Beth Townsend, Anthony R. Friscia, and Emmett Evanoff
7. Middle Cryogenian ("Sturtian") Pocatello Formation: Field relations on Oxford Mountain and the Portneuf area, southeast Idaho
Joshua A. Keeley and Paul K. Link
8. New descriptions of the cap dolostone and associated strata, Neoproterozoic Pocatello Formation, southeastern Idaho, USA
Carol M. Dehler, Kathleen Anderson, and Robin Nagy
9. Reinterpreted history of latest Pleistocene Lake Bonneville: Geologic setting of threshold failure, Bonneville flood, deltas of the Bear River, and outlets for two Provo shorelines, southeastern Idaho, USA
Susanne U. Janecke and Robert Q. Oaks Jr.