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Table of Contents - Field Guide 22

Geological Field Trips in Central Western Europe: Fragile Earth International Conference, Munich, September 2011

edited by Sara Carena, Anke M. Friedrich, and Bernd Lammerer

Preface v
1. The Geodetic Observatory Wettzell—A fundamental reference point
Urs Hugentobler, Alexander Neidhardt, Pierre Lauber, Martin Ettl, K. Ulrich Schreiber, Reiner Dassing, Thomas Klügel, Stefan Riepl, Günther Herold, Gerhard Kronschnabl, Christian Plötz, and Uwe Hessels
2. KTB Deep Drilling Site and Czech-Bavarian Geopark—Two best practice examples of geoscience outreach
Frank Holzförster and Andreas Peterek, with a contribution from Joachim M. Rabold
3. Geo-education and geopark implementation in the Vulkaneifel European Geopark
Peter Bitschene and Andreas Schüller
4. Sedimentary facies and paleontology of the Ottnangian Upper Marine Molasse and Upper Brackish Water Molasse of eastern Bavaria: A field trip guide
Simon Schneider, Martina Pippèrr, Dorothea Frieling, and Bettina Reichenbacher
5. Rhenodanubian Flyschzone, Bavarian Alps
Reinhard Hesse
6. Field trip to the Northern Alps between Munich and the Inn Valley
Bernd Lammerer, Hugo Ortner, and Alexander Heyng
7. Field trip to the Tauern Window region along the TRANSALP seismic profile, Eastern Alps, Austria
Bernd Lammerer, Jane Selverstone, and Gerhard Franz
8. Glaciological and hydrometeorological long-term observation of glacier mass balance at Vernagtferner (Vernagt Glacier, Oetztal Alps, Austria)
E. Mayr, H. Escher-Vetter, C. Mayer, M. Siebers, and M. Weber