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Table of Contents - Field Guide 24

Archean to Anthropocene: Field Guides to the Geology of the Mid-Continent of North America

edited by James D. Miller, George J. Hudak, Chad Wittkop, and Patrick I. McLaughlin

Preface v
1. Late Paleoproterozoic deformational, metamorphic, and magmatic history of east-central Minnesota
Terry Boerboom, Daniel Holm, and Randy Van Schmus
2. Classic Precambrian geology of northeast Minnesota
Mark A. Jirsa and John C. Green
3. Geology and geochronology of Paleoarchean gneisses in the Minnesota River Valley
R.L. Bauer, M.E. Bickford, A.M. Satkoski, D.L. Southwick, and S.D. Samson
4. The Baraboo District—A North American classic
L. Gordon Medaris Jr., Robert H. Dott Jr., John P. Craddock, and Stephen Marshak
5. Copper deposits of the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Theodore J. Bornhorst and Robert J. Barron
6. Geology and sedimentology of the Paleoproterozoic Animikie Group: The Pokegama Formation, the Biwabik Iron Formation, and Virginia Formation of the eastern Mesabi Iron Range and Thomson Formation near Duluth, northeastern Minnesota
Richard W. Ojakangas, Mark J. Severson, and Peter K. Jongewaard
7. The North Shore Volcanic Group: Mesoproterozoic plateau volcanic rocks of the Midcontinent Rift System in northeastern Minnesota
John C. Green, Terrence J. Boerboom, Susanne Th. Schmidt, and Thomas J. Fitz
8. Sudbury impact layer in the western Lake Superior region
Mark A. Jirsa, Philip W. Fralick, Paul W. Weiblen, and Jennifer L.B. Anderson
9. Layered intrusions of the Duluth Complex
James D. Miller
10. Structural geology of the subprovince boundaries in the Archean Superior Province of northern Minnesota and adjacent Ontario
Robert L. Bauer, Dyanna M. Czeck, Peter J. Hudleston, and Basil Tikoff
11. Southeastern Minnesota karst hydrogeology: New insights from data loggers, tracing, LiDAR, and hydrophysics
E. Calvin Alexander Jr., Jeffrey A. Green, Anthony Runkel, and Katherine J. Logan
12. Distal signatures of Late Ordovician oceanic anoxia—New data from a classic epeiric ramp transect
Patrick I. McLaughlin, Norlene Emerson, Brian Witzke, Bryan Sell, and Poul Emsbo
13. Geology of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail
David M. Mickelson, Mark D. Johnson, and Kent M. Syverson
14. Ice advances and retreats, inlets and outlets, sediments and strandlines of the western Lake Superior basin
Howard C. Hobbs and Andy Breckenridge
15. Pre-and-early Agassiz outlets to the western Superior Basin
J. Frederick Dean and Brian A.M. Phillips
16. A glacial record spanning the Pleistocene in southern Minnesota
Carrie E. Jennings, Alan Knaeble, Gary Meyer, Barbara Lusardi, and Terry L. Bovee, with contributions from Brandon Curry, Marylee Murphy, Vania Stefanova, and H.E. Wright Jr.
17. Southern outlet and basin of glacial Lake Agassiz
Timothy G. Fisher, Ken Lepper, Allan C. Ashworth, and Howard C. Hobbs
18. Application of LiDAR and geophysics to archaeological investigations in the upper Mississippi River valley
Ronald C. Schirmer and Chad Wittkop
19. Flaming meteors, dark caves, and raging waters—Geological curiosities of western Wisconsin
Jean Cunningham, Holly A.S. Dolliver, and William S. Cordua
20. The Minneapolis Chain of Lakes by bicycle: Glacial history, human modifications, and paleolimnology of an urban natural environment
Amy Myrbo, Marylee Murphy, and Valerie Stanley
21. Holocene landscape evolution and erosional processes in the Le Sueur River, central Minnesota
Patrick Belmont, Karen Gran, Carrie E. Jennings, Chad Wittkop, and Stephanie S. Day
22. Hydrostratigraphy of a fractured, urban aquitard
Julia R. Anderson, Anthony C. Runkel, Robert G. Tipping, Kelton D.L. Barr, and E. Calvin Alexander Jr.
23. Get ready, get set, go … on a field trip
David W. Mogk
24. An excursion to the classic bedrock localities of northeastern Minnesota with a focus on teaching and learning in the field
Karl R. Wirth, John Goodge, Dexter Perkins, and Alison Stokes
25. An examination of the bedrock geology and the Mississippi River valley in the Twin Cities: Pedagogical strategies for introductory geology field trips
Kate Pound, Karen Campbell, and Lee Schmitt
26. Interpreting origins of landform sediment assemblages within the Upper Mississippi River Valley and tributaries in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota
Curtis M. Hudak, Edwin R. Hajic, and Jeffery J. Walsh