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Table of Contents - Geological Association of Canada GEOText 6

Facies Models 4

Edited by Noel P. James and Robert W. Dalrymple

Part One: Principles, Tools and Concepts
1. Introduction to the Volume
Noel P. James and Robert W. Dalrymple
2. Interpreting Sedimentary Successions: Facies, Facies Analysis and Facies Models
Robert W. Dalrymple
3. Ichnology and Facies Models
James A. MacEachern, S. George Pemberton, Murray K. Gingras, and Kerrie L. Bann

Part Two: Terrigenous Clastic Facies Models
4. Introduction to Siliciclastic Facies Models
Robert W. Dalrymple
5. Glacial Deposits
Carolyn H. Eyles and Nick Eyles
6. Alluvial Deposits
Andrew Miall
7. Eolian Systems
Michael E. Brookfield and Simone Silvestro
8. Wave- and Storm-Dominated Shoreline and Shallow-Marine Systems
A. Guy Plint
9. Tidal Depositional Systems
Robert W. Dalrymple
10. Deltas
Janok P. Bhattacharya
11. Transgressive Wave-Dominated Coasts
Ron Boyd
12. Deep-Marine Sediments and Sedimentary Systems
R. William C. Arnott

Part Three: Chemical and Biochemical Facies Models
13. Introduction to Biological and Chemical Sedimentary Facies Models
Noel P. James, Alan C. Kendall, and Peir K. Pufahl
14. Warm-Water Neritic Carbonates
Brian Jones
15. Cool- and Cold-Water Neritic Carbonates
Noel P. James and Jeff Lukasik
16. Peritidal Carbonates
Brian R. Pratt
17. Reefs
Noel P. James and Rachel Wood
18. Carbonate Slopes
Ted E. Playton, Xavier Janson, and Charles Kerans
19. Bioelemental Sediments
Peir K. Pufahl
20. Marine Evaporites
Alan C. Kendall
21. Lakes
Robin W. Renaut and Elizabeth H. Gierlowski-Kordesch