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Table of Contents - Memoir 198 (MWR198)

Evolution of Early Earth’s Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, and Biosphere — Constraints from Ore Deposits

edited by Stephen E. Kesler and Hiroshi Ohmoto

Preface v

Origin of Life
1. The onset and early evolution of life
M.J. Russell and A.J. Hall
2. Early life signatures in sulfur and carbon isotopes from Isua, Barberton, Wabigoon (Steep Rock), and Belingwe Greenstone Belts (3.8 to 2.7 Ga)
N.V. Grassineau, P. Abell, P.W.U. Appel, D. Lowry, and E.G. Nisbet

Evolution of the Early Continents
3. Fingerprinting the metal endowment of early continental crust to test for secular changes in global mineralization
C. Thiart and M.J. de Wit
4. Discovery of the oldest oxidized granitoids in the Kaapvaal Craton and its implications for the redox evolution of early Earth
S. Ishihara, H. Ohmoto, C.R. Anhaeusser, A. Imai, and L.J. Robb
5. Secular variations of N-isotopes in terrestrial reservoirs and ore deposits
R. Kerrich, Y. Jia, C. Manikyamba, and S.M. Naqvi

Evolution of Uranium Deposits and Atmospheric Evolution
6. The sedimentary setting of Witwatersrand placer mineral deposits in an Archean atmosphere
W.E.L. Minter
7. Witwatersrand gold-pyrite-uraninite deposits do not support a reducing Archean atmosphere
J. Law and N. Phillips
8. Evidence from sulfur isotope and trace elements in pyrites for their multiple post-depositional processes in uranium ores at the Stanleigh mine, Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada
K.E. Yamaguchi and H. Ohmoto
9. Time constraint for the occurrence of uranium deposits and natural nuclear fission reactors in the Paleoproterozoic Franceville Basin (Gabon)
F. Gauthier-Lafaye

Evolution of Seawater and Basinal Sulfur Geochemistry
10. Proterozoic sedimentary exhalative (SEDEX) deposits and links to evolving global ocean chemistry
T.W. Lyons, A.M. Gellatly, P.J. McGoldrick, and L.C. Kah
11. Precambrian Mississippi Valley–type deposits: Relation to changes in composition of the hydrosphere and atmosphere
S.E. Kesler and M.H. Reich
12. Superheavy S isotopes from glacier-associated sediments of the Neoproterozoic of south China: Oceanic anoxia or sulfate limitation?
Liu Tie-bing, J.B. Maynard, and J. Alten

Evolution of Seawater Iron and Oxygen Geochemistry and Banded Iron Formations
13. An evaluation of diagenetic recycling as a source of iron for banded iron formations
R. Raiswell
14. Microbially mediated iron mobilization and deposition in iron formations since the early Precambrian
D.A. Brown
15. Oxygen isotope composition of hematite and genesis of high-grade BIF-hosted iron ores
J. Gutzmer, J. Mukhopadhyay, N.J. Beukes, A. Pack, K. Hayashi, and Z.D. Sharp
16. Rare-earth elements in Precambrian banded iron formations: Secular changes of Ce and Eu anomalies and evolution of atmospheric oxygen
Y. Kato, K.E. Yamaguchi, and H. Ohmoto
17. Chemical and biological evolution of early Earth: Constraints from banded iron formations
H. Ohmoto, Y. Watanabe, K.E. Yamaguchi, H. Naraoka, M. Haruna, T. Kakegawa, K. Hayashi, and Y. Kato