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Table of Contents - Memoir 207

Origin and Evolution of Precambrian High-Grade Gneiss Terranes, with Special Emphasis on the Limpopo Complex of Southern Africa

edited by Dirk D. van Reenen, Jan D. Kramers, Stephen McCourt, and Leonid L. Perchuk

Dedication to Leonid L. Perchuk
D.D. van Reenen, J.D. Kramers, and S. McCourt
D.D. van Reenen, J.D. Kramers, and S. McCourt
1. Microstructures of melt-bearing regional metamorphic rocks
R.H. Vernon
2. Petrological and experimental application of REE- and actinide-bearing accessory minerals to the study of Precambrian high-grade gneiss terranes
D. Harlov
3. Fluids in granulites
J.L.R. Touret and J.-M. Huizenga
4. Fluid-absent melting versus CO2 streaming during the formation of pelitic granulites: A review of insights from the cordierite fluid monitor
M.J. Rigby and G.T.R. Droop
5. Local mineral equilibria and P-T paths: Fundamental principles and applications to high-grade metamorphic terranes
L.L. Perchuk
6. The geochronology of the Limpopo Complex: A controversy solved
J.D. Kramers and H. Mouri
7. High-pressure and ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism of Precambrian high-grade terranes: Case study of the Limpopo Complex
T. Tsunogae and D.D. van Reenen
8. Granite emplacement and the retrograde P-T-fluid evolution of Neoarchean granulites from the Central Zone of the Limpopo Complex
J.M. Huizenga, L.L. Perchuk, D.D. van Reenen, Y. Flattery, D.A. Varlamov, C.A. Smit, and T.V. Gerya
9. Intracrustal radioactivity as an important heat source for Neoarchean metamorphism in the Central Zone of the Limpopo Complex
M.A.G. Andreoli, G. Brandl, H. Coetzee, J.D. Kramers, and H. Mouri
10. A review of Sm-Nd and Lu-Hf isotope studies in the Limpopo Complex and adjoining cratonic areas, and their bearing on models of crustal evolution and tectonism
J.D. Kramers and A. Zeh
11. Thrust exhumation of the Neoarchean ultrahigh-temperature Southern Marginal Zone, Limpopo Complex: Convergence of decompression-cooling paths in the hanging wall and prograde P-T paths in the footwall
D.D. van Reenen, C.A. Smit, L.L. Perchuk, C. Roering, and R. Boshoff
12. Neoarchean to Paleoproterozoic evolution of the polymetamorphic Central Zone of the Limpopo Complex
C.A. Smit, D.D. van Reenen, C. Roering, R. Boshoff, and L.L. Perchuk
13. Archean magmatic granulites, diapirism, and Proterozoic reworking in the Northern Marginal Zone of the Limpopo Belt
T.G. Blenkinsop
14. Heterogeneous strain and polymetamorphism in high-grade terranes: Insight into crustal processes from the Athabasca Granulite Terrane, western Canada, and the Limpopo Complex, southern Africa
K.H. Mahan, C.A. Smit, M.L. Williams, G. Dumond, and D.D. van Reenen
15. Formation and evolution of Precambrian granulite terranes: A gravitational redistribution model
L.L. Perchuk and T.V. Gerya
16. Tectonic models proposed for the Limpopo Complex: Mutual compatibilities and constraints
J.D. Kramers, S. McCourt, C. Roering, C.A. Smit, and D.D. van Reenen