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Geology of the Point Sur-Lopez Point Region, Coast Ranges, California: A Part of the Southern California Allochthon


Revisions to the estimates of the areal extent and volume of the Columbia River Basalt Group, Terry L. Tolan, Stephen P. Reidel, Marvin H. Beeson, James Lee Anderson, Karl R. Fecht, and Donald A. Swanson

The Grande Ronde Basalt, Columbia River Basalt Group; Stratigraphic descriptions and correlations in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, Stephen P. Reidel, Terry L. Tolan, Peter R. Hooper, Marvin H. Beeson, Karl R. Fecht, Robert D. Bentley, and James Lee Anderson

Detailed stratigraphy of the N2 Grande Ronde Basalt, Columbia River Basalt Group, in the central Columbia Plateau, R. Dale Landon and Philip E. Long

Revisions to stratigraphic nomenclature of the Picture Gorge Basalt Subgroup, Columbia River Basalt Group, Michael M. Bailey

The Roza Member, Columbia River Basalt Group; Chemical stratigraphy and flow distribution, Barton S. Martin

Reevaluation of the timing and duration of extrusion of the Imnaha, Picture Gorge, and Grande Ronde Basalts, Columbia River Basalt Group, Ajoy K. Baksi

Correlation of Miocene flows of the Columbia River Basalt Group from the central Columbia River Plateau to the coast of Oregon and Washington, R. E. Wells, R. W. Simpson, R. D. Bentley, M. H. Beeson, M. T. Mangan, and T. L. Wright

Stratigraphic relationships of subaerial, invasive, and intracanyon flows of Saddle Mountains Basalt in the Troy basin, Oregon and Washington, Martin E. Ross

Miocene basalt near Astoria, Oregon; Geophysical evidence for Columbia Plateau origin, Virginia J. Pfaff and Marvin H. Beeson

Vesiculation in Columbia River basalts, Kent McMillan, Philip E. Long, and Randal W. Cross

A numerical study of cooling joint width and secondary mineral infilling in four Grande Ronde Basalt flows of the central Columbia Plateau, Washington, Jonathan W. Lindberg

Neogene terrestrial sedimentation on and adjacent to the Columbia Plateau; Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, Gary A. Smith, Bruce N. Bjornstad, and Karl R. Fecht

Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Sweetwater Creek interbed, Lewiston basin, Idaho and Washington, David R. Gaylord, John H. Lundquist, and Gary D. Webster

Structural and stratigraphic interpretation of rocks under the Yakima fold belt, Columbia Basin, based on recent surface mapping and well data, Newell P. Campbell

The Columbia River Basalt Group in western Oregon, Geologic structures and other factors that controlled flow emplacement patterns, Marvin H. Beeson, Terry L. Tolan, and James Lee Anderson

The geologic evolution of the central Columbia Plateau, Stephen P. Reidel, Karl R. Fecht, Michael C. Hagood, and Terry L. Tolan

Structural geometry and strain distribution within eastern Umtanum fold ridge, south-central Washington, E. H. Price and A. J. Watkinson

Periodically spaced anticlines of the Columbia Plateau, Thomas R. Watters

A model for the tectonic setting of the Columbia River basalt eruptions, P. R. Hooper and R. M. Conrey

Quench fractionation in Columbia River basalt and implications for basalt-ground water interaction, James D. Hoover and William M. Murphy

The occurrence of interstitial granite-glass in all formations of the Columbia River Basalt Group and its petrogenetic implications, R. St J. Lambert, I. K. Marsh, and V . E. Chamberlain

Geochemistry of the Grande Ronde Basalt of the Columbia River Basalt Group; A reevaluation of source control and assimilation effects, Dennis O. Nelson

Evidence for magma recharge and assimilation in the Picture Gorge Basalt Subgroup, Columbia River Basalt Group, Michael M. Bailey

Miocene basalts of the Blue Mountains Province in Oregon, Part 2, Sr isotopic ratios and trace element features of little-known Miocene basalts of central and eastern Oregon, Gordon G. Goles, Alan D. Brandon, and Richard St J. Lambert

Petrogenesis of the Pueblo Mountains Basalt, southeastern Oregon and northern Nevada, William K. Hart, Richard W. Carlson, and Stephanie A. Mosher