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Table of Contents - Special Paper 307:

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The Cretaceous-Tertiary Event and Other Catastrophes in Earth History


Mass Extinctions: Persistent Problems and New Directions
David Jablonski

Impact Crises and Mass Extinctions: A Working Hypothesis
Michael R. Rampino and Bruce M. Haggerty

The Unique Significance and Origin of the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary: Historical Context and Burdens of Proof
Graham Ryder

Observations on the Mass-Extinction Debates
William Glen

A Model of the Chicxulub Impact Basin Based on Evaluation of Geophysical Data, Well Logs, and Drill Core Samples
Virgil L. Sharpton, Luis E. Marín, John L. Carney, Scott Lee, Graham Ryder, Benjamin C. Schuraytz, Paul Sikora, and Paul D. Spudis

Ejecta Blanket Deposits of the Chicxulub Crater from Albion Island, Belize
Adriana C. Ocampo, Kevin O. Pope, and Alfred G. Fischer

Implications of Magneto-Mineralogic Characteristics of the Manson and Chicxulub Impact Rocks
Maureen B. Steiner

Mega-Impact Melt Petrology (Chicxulub, Sudbury, and the Moon): Effects of Scale and Other Factors on Potential for Fractional Crystallization and Development of Cumulates
Paul H. Warren, Philippe Claeys, and Esteban Cedillo-Pardo

Degassing of Sedimentary Rocks Due to Chicxulub Impact: Hydrocode and Physical Simulations
B. A. Ivanov, D. D. Badukov, O. I. Yakovlev, M. V. Gerasimov, Yu. P. Dikov, K. O. Pope, and A. C. Ocampo

Trajectories of Ballistic Ejecta from the Chicxulub Crater
Walter Alvarez

Coarse-Grained, Clastic Sandstone Complex at the K/T Boundary Around the Gulf of Mexico: Deposition by Tsunami Waves Induced by the Chicxulub Impact?
J. Smit, Th. B. Roep, W. Alvarez, A. Montanari, P. Claeys, J. M. Grajales-Nishimura, and J. Bermudez

A Sediment Gravity Flow Hypothesis for Siliciclastic Units at the K/T Boundary, Northeastern Mexico
Bruce F. Bohor

K/T Boundary Coarse-Grained Siliciclastic Deposits in Northeastern Mexico and Northeastern Brazil: Evidence for Mega-Tsunami or Sea-Level Changes?
Wolfgang Stinnesbeck and Gerta Keller

Lithostratigraphic and Mineralogic Correlations of Near-K/T Boundary Clastic Sediments in Northeastern Mexico: Implications for Origin and Nature of Deposition
Thierry Adatte, Wolfgang Stinnesbeck, and Gerta Keller

Age and Stratigraphy of Near-K/T Boundary Siliciclastic Deposits in Northeastern Mexico
J. G. López-Oliva and G. Keller

High-Resolution Biostratigraphy of Sea-Level Low, Biotic Extinction, and Chaotic Sedimentation at the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary in Alabama, North of the Chicxulub Crater
Daniel Habib, Richard K. Olsson, Chengjie Liu, and Shimon Moshkovitz

Sulfur and Boron Isotope Study of High-Ca Impact Glasses from the K/T Boundary: Constraints on Source Rocks
Marc Chaussidon, Haraldur Sigurdsson, and Nicole Métrich

The Cretaceous-Tertiary Catastrophic Event at Millers Ferry, Alabama
Richard K. Olsson, Chengjie Liu, and Mickey van Fossen

Stratigraphic Distribution of Extraterrestrial Markers at the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary in the Gulf of Mexico Area: Implications for the Temporal Complexity of the Event
R. Rocchia, E. Robin, L. Froget, and J. Gayraud

Testing Patterns of Cretaceous-Tertiary Planktonic Foraminiferal Extinction at El Kef (Tunisia)
Norman MacLeod

Planktic Foraminifera, Asteroids, and Marine Production: Death and Recovery at the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary
Steven D’Hondt, Timothy D. Herbert, John King, and Carol Gibson

Evidence for Planktonic Foraminifer Reworking Versus Survivorship Across the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary at High Latitudes
Brian T. Huber

Calcareous Nannoplankton Mass Extinction at the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary: An Update
James J. Pospichal

The Biostratigraphy and Paleobiogeography of Maastrichtian Inoceramids
Kenneth G. MacLeod, Brian T. Huber, and Peter D. Ward

Models of Vertebrate Mass Mortality Events at the K/T Boundary
Alan H. Cutler and Anna K. Behrensmeyer

The Significance of the Extinction of the Dinosaurs
Dale A. Russell

The Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary on the Pacific Plate: Composition and Distribution of Impact Debris
Frank T. Kyte, Jennifer A. Bostwick, and Lei Zhou

The Size and Abundance of Shocked Quartz in Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Sediments from the Pacific Basin
Jennifer A. Bostwick and Frank T. Kyte

K/T Boundary Layer in Deccan Intertrappeans at Anjar
Kutch, N. Bhandari, P. N. Shukla, Z. G. Ghevariya, and S. M. Sundaram

Formation Conditions of Oxidized Ni-Rich Spinel and Their Relevance to the K/T Boundary Event
J. Gayraud, E. Robin, R. Rocchia, and L. Froget

Oxidation State of Iron in Tektite Glasses from the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary
N. Oskarsson, O. Helgason, and H. Sigurdsson

Fullerenes of Possible Wildfire Origin in Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Sediments
Dieter Heymann, L. P. Felipe Chibante, Robert R. Brooks, Wendy S. Wolbach, J. Smit, A. Korochantsev, M. A. Nazarov, and Richard E. Smalley

A Normal Polarity Subchron That Embraces the K/T Boundary: A Measure of Sedimentary Continuity Across the Boundary and Synchroneity of Boundary Events
J. F. Lerbekmo, A. R. Sweet, and M. J. M. Duke

Biotic Selectivity During the K/T and Late Ordovician Extinction Events
Peter M. Sheehan, Patricia J. Coorough, and David E. Fastovsky

Geochemistry of the Frasnian-Famennian Boundary in Belgium: Mass Extinction, Anoxic Oceans, and Microtektite Layer, But Not Much Iridium?
P. Claeys, F. T. Kyte, A. Herbosch, and J-G. Casier

The Pliensbachian-Toarcian (Lower Jurassic) Extinction Event
Crispin T. S. Little

The Influence of Continental Flood Basalts on Mass Extinctions: Where Do We Stand?
V. Courtillot, J.-J. Jaeger, Z. Yang, G. Féraud, and C. Hofmann

Impact Materials Recovered by Research Core Drilling in the Manson Impact Structure, Iowa, Raymond R. Anderson, Brian J. Witzke, and Jack B. Hartung

Axial Focusing of Impact Energy in the Earth’s Interior: A Possible Link to Flood Basalts and Hotspots
M. B. Boslough, E. P. Chael, T. G. Trucano, D. A. Crawford, and D. L. Campbell