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Table of Contents - Special Paper 325

Depositional Environments, Lithostratigraphy, and Biostratigraphy of the White River and Arikaree Groups (Late Eocene to Early Miocene, North America)


Tephrostratigraphy and souce of the tuffs of the White River Sequence

Lithostratigraphic revision and correlation of the lower part of the White River Group: South Dakota to Nebraska

Magnetic stratigraphy and biostratigraphy of the Orellan and Whitneyan land mammal "ages" in the White River Group

Lithostratigraphic revision and redescription of the Brule Formation (White River Group) of northwestern Nebraska

Episodes of carbonate deposition in a siliciclastic-dominated fluvial sequence, Eocene-Oligocene White River Group, South Dakota and Nebraska

The Big Cottonwood Creek Member: A new member of the Chadron Formation in northwestern Nebraska

Magnetic polarity stratigraphy and correlation of the Arikaree Group, Arikareean (late Oligocene-early Miocene) of northwestern Nebraska

The Arikareean Land Mammal Age in Texas and Florida: Southern extension of Great Plains faunas and Gulf Coastal Plain endemism

Lithostratigraphy, paleontology, and biochronology of the Chadron, Brule, and Arikaree Formations in North Dakota

Arikareean and Hemingfordian faunas of the Cady Mountains, Mojave Desert Province, California