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Table of Contents - Special Paper 402

Neogene-Quaternary Continental Margin Volcanism: A Perspective from México

edited by Claus Siebe, José Luis Macías, and Gerardo J. Aguirre-Díaz

Preface v
Acknowledgments vii

Petrology and Geochemistry
1. México’s Quaternary volcanic rocks: Insights from the MEXPET petrological and geochemical database
James F. Luhr, Paul Kimberly, Lee Siebert, J. Jorge Aranda-Gómez, Todd B. Housh, and Giuseppina Kysar Mattietti
2. New Sr-Nd-Pb-O isotope data for Colima volcano and evidence for the nature of the local basement
Gabriel Valdez-Moreno, Peter Schaaf, José Luis Macías, and Minoru Kusakabe
3. The San Pedro–Cerro Grande volcanic complex (Nayarit, México): Inferences on volcanology and magma evolution
Chiara M. Petrone, Lorella Francalanci, Luca Ferrari, Peter Schaaf, and Sandro Conticelli
4. Experimental and model constraints on degassing of magma during ascent and eruption
James E. Gardner, Alain Burgisser, Matthias Hort, and Malcolm Rutherford

Geomorphology, Stratigraphy, and Eruption Dynamics
5. Morphostratigraphic evolution of Popocatépetl volcano, México
Ramón Espinasa-Pereña and Ana Lillian Martín-Del Pozzo
6. The Valle de Bravo Volcanic Field: Geology and geomorphometric parameters of a Quaternary monogenetic field at the front of the Mexican Volcanic Belt
Gerardo J. Aguirre-Díaz, María del Carmen Jaimes-Viera, and Jorge Nieto Obregón
7. The Lower Toluca Pumice: A ca. 21,700 yr B.P. Plinian eruption of Nevado de Toluca Volcano, México
Lucia Capra, Lia María Carreras, José Luis Arce, and José Luis Macías
8. Geochemical correlation of Caribbean Sea tephra layers with ignimbrites in Central America
Benjamin R. Jordan, Haraldur Sigurdsson, Steven N. Carey, Robert Rogers, and Jan Ehrenborg

Volcanic Hazard Studies
9. Hazard zoning for ballistic impact during volcanic explosions at Volcán de Fuego de Colima (México)
Miguel A. Alatorre-Ibargüengoitia, Hugo Delgado-Granados, and Isaac A. Farraz-Montes
10. The Holocene syneruptive volcaniclastic debris flows in the Vesuvian area: Geological data as a guide for hazard assessment
Roberto Sulpizio, Giovanni Zanchetta, Federica Demi, Mauro A. Di Vito, Maria T. Pareschi, and Roberto Santacroce
11. Computational modeling of the 1991 block and ash flows at Colima Volcano, México
Byron Rupp, Marcus Bursik, Laercio Namikawa, Amy Webb, Abani K. Patra, Ricardo Saucedo, José Luis Macías, and Chris Renschler

Field Trip Guide
12. Volcanic hazards in the Mexico City metropolitan area from eruptions at Popocatépetl, Nevado de Toluca, and Jocotitlán stratovolcanoes and monogenetic scoria cones in the Sierra Chichinautzin Volcanic Field
Claus Siebe and José Luis Macías