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Table of Contents - Special Paper 412

Volcanic Hazards in Central America

edited by William I. Rose, Gregg J.S. Bluth, Michael J. Carr, John W. Ewert, Lina C. Patino, and James W. Vallance

Preface v
1. Large-volume volcanic edifice failures in Central America and associated hazards
L. Siebert, G.E. Alvarado, J.W. Vallance, and B. van Wyk de Vries
2. Origin of the modern Chiapanecan volcanic arc in southern México inferred from thermal models
V.C. Manea and M. Manea
3. Geological evolution of the Tacaná Volcanic Complex, México-Guatemala
A. García Palomo, J.L. Macías, J.L. Arce, J.C. Mora, S. Hughes, R. Saucedo, J.M. Espíndola, R. Escobar, and P. Layer
4. The chemistry of spring waters and fumarolic gases encircling Santa María volcano, Guatemala: Insights into regional hydrothermal activity and implications for volcano monitoring
J.A. Walker, S. Templeton, and B.I. Cameron
5. Downstream aggradation owing to lava dome extrusion and rainfall runoff at Volcán Santiaguito, Guatemala
A.J.L. Harris, J.W. Vallance, P. Kimberly, W.I. Rose, O. Matías, E. Bunzendahl, L.P. Flynn, and H. Garbeil
6. The Escuintla and La Democracia debris avalanche deposits, Guatemala: Constraining their sources
C.A. Chesner and S.P. Halsor
7. Diverse volcanism in southeastern Guatemala: The role of crustal contamination
B.I. Cameron and J.A. Walker
8. Volcanic hazards in Nicaragua: Past, present, and future
A. Freundt, S. Kutterolf, H.-U. Schmincke, T. Hansteen, H. Wehrmann, W. Pérez, W. Strauch, and M. Navarro
9. The A.D. 1835 eruption of Volcán Cosigüina, Nicaragua: A guide for assessing local volcanic hazards
W. Scott, C. Gardner, G. Devoli, and A. Alvarez
10. The youngest highly explosive basaltic eruptions from Masaya Caldera (Nicaragua): Stratigraphy and hazard assessment
W. Pérez and A. Freundt
11. Fontana Tephra: A basaltic Plinian eruption in Nicaragua
H. Wehrmann, C. Bonadonna, A. Freundt, B.F. Houghton, and S. Kutterolf
12. Tephra deposits for the past 2600 years from Irazú Volcano, Costa Rica
S.K. Clark, M.K. Reagan, and D.A. Trimble
13. The eruptive history of Turrialba volcano, Costa Rica, and potential hazards from future eruptions
M. Reagan, E. Duarte, G.J. Soto, and E. Fernández
14. Recent volcanic history of Irazú volcano, Costa Rica: Alternation and mixing of two magma batches, and pervasive mixing
G.E. Alvarado, M.J. Carr, B.D. Turrin, C.C. Swisher III, H.-U. Schmincke, and K.W. Hudnut