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Table of Contents - Special Paper 440

When Did Plate Tectonics Begin on Planet Earth?

edited by Kent C. Condie and Victoria Pease

Kent C. Condie and Victoria Pease

Isotopic and geochemical constraints
1. A review of the isotopic and trace element evidence for mantle and crustal processes in the Hadean and Archean: Implications for the onset of plate tectonic subduction
Steven B. Shirey, Balz S. Kamber, Martin J. Whitehouse, Paul A. Mueller, and Asish R. Basu
2. A trace element perspective on Archean crust formation and on the presence or absence of Archean subduction
Stephen Foley
3. An overview of the lithological and geochemical characteristics of the Mesoarchean (ca. 3075 Ma) Ivisaartoq greenstone belt, southern West Greenland
Ali Polat, Robert Frei, Peter W.U. Appel, Brian Fryer, Yιldιrιm Dilek, and Juan C. OrdóñezCalderón
4. Stratigraphy, geochemistry, and depositional environments of Mesoarchean sedimentary units in western Superior Province: Implications for generation of early crust
Philip Fralick, Pete Hollings, and David King

Constraints from metamorphism and mineralization
5. Characteristic thermal regimes of plate tectonics and their metamorphic imprint throughout Earth history: When did Earth first adopt a plate tectonics mode of behavior?
Michael Brown
6. Evidence for modern-style subduction to 3.1 Ga: A plateau–adakite–gold (diamond) association
D.A. Wyman, C. O’Neill, and J.A. Ayer

Mantle geodynamic constraints
7. Effects of a warmer mantle on the characteristics of Archean passive margins
Andrew Hynes
8. Tectonics of early Earth: Some geodynamic considerations
Jeroen van Hunen, Peter E. van Keken, Andrew Hynes, and Geoffrey F. Davies

Crustal geodynamic and geophysical constraints
9. The Late Archean Abitibi-Opatica terrane, Superior Province: A modified oceanic plateau
Keith Benn and Jean-François Moyen
10. When did plate tectonics begin? Evidence from the orogenic record
Victoria Pease, John Percival, Hugh Smithies, Gary Stevens, and Martin Van Kranendonk
11. Seismic images of Paleoproterozoic microplate boundaries in the Fennoscandian Shield
Annakaisa Korja and Pekka J. Heikkinen
12. Plate tectonics on early Earth? Weighing the paleomagnetic evidence
David A.D. Evans and Sergei A. Pisarevsky

13. Modern-style plate tectonics began in Neoproterozoic time: An alternative interpretation of EarthÕs tectonic history
Robert J. Stern
14. When did plate tectonics begin? Evidence from the geologic record
Kent C. Condie and Alfred Kröner