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Table of Contents - Special Paper 441

Resolving the Late Paleozoic Ice Age in Time and Space

edited by Christopher R. Fielding, Tracy D. Frank, and John L. Isbell

Preface and acknowledgments v

1. Gondwana paleogeography from assembly to breakup—A 500 m.y. odyssey
Ronald C. Blakey

Near-Field Records
2. A review of Permian–Carboniferous glacial deposits in Western Australia
A.J. Mory, J. Redfern, and J.R. Martin
3. Stratigraphic record and facies associations of the late Paleozoic ice age in eastern Australia (New South Wales and Queensland)
Christopher R. Fielding, Tracy D. Frank, Lauren P. Birgenheier, Michael C. Rygel, Andrew T. Jones, and John Roberts
4. Permian glacigenic deposits in the Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica
John L. Isbell, Zelenda J. Koch, Gina M. Szablewski, and Paul A. Lenaker
5. Carboniferous-Permian glaciation in the main Karoo Basin, South Africa: Stratigraphy, depositional controls, and glacial dynamics .
John L. Isbell, Douglas I. Cole, and Octavian Catuneanu
6. Single-zircon U-Pb dating of Carboniferous-Permian tuffs, Namibia, and the intercontinental deglaciation cycle framework
Harald Stollhofen, Mario Werner, Ian G. Stanistreet, and Richard A. Armstrong
7. Late Paleozoic glacial deposits of Brazil: Paraná Basin
A.C. Rocha-Campos, Paulo R. dos Santos, and José R. Canuto
8. Sequence stratigraphy and biostratigraphy of the Late Carboniferous to Early Permian glacial succession (Itararé subgroup) at the eastern-southeastern margin of the Parané Basin, Brazil
Michael Holz, Paulo A. Souza, and Roberto Iannuzzi
9. Carboniferous glacigenic deposits of the proto-Precordillera of west-central Argentina
Lindsey C. Henry, John L. Isbell, and Carlos O. Limarino
10. Pennsylvanian and Permian sequences in Bolivia: Direct responses to Gondwana glaciation
G.W. Grader, P.E. Isaacson, E. Díaz-Martínez, and M.C. Pope
11. Late Devonian and Early Carboniferous glacial records of South America
Mário Vicente Caputo, José Henrique Gonçalves de Melo, Maurice Streel, and John L. Isbell
12. A regional overview of the late Paleozoic glaciation in Oman
Joe R. Martin, Jonathan Redfern, and John F. Aitken

Far-Field Records
13. The record of Carboniferous sea-level change in low-latitude sedimentary successions from Britain and Ireland during the onset of the late Paleozoic ice age
Sarah J. Davies
14. Influence of late Paleozoic Gondwana glaciations on the depositional evolution of the northern Pangean shelf, North Greenland, Svalbard, and the Barents Sea
Lars Stemmerik
15. Late Paleozoic cyclic strata of Euramerica: Recognition of Gondwanan glacial signatures during periods of thermal subsidence
M.R. Gibling and M.C. Rygel
16. Appalachian sedimentary cycles during the Pennsylvanian: Changing influences of sea level, climate, and tectonics
Stephen F. Greb, Jack C. Pashin, Ronald L. Martino, and Cortland F. Eble
17. Deciphering the mid-Carboniferous eustatic event in the central Appalachian foreland basin, southern West Virginia, USA
Bascombe M. Blake Jr. and Jack D. Beuthin
18. Evidence for eustasy at the Kinderhookian-Osagean (Mississippian) boundary in the United States: Response to late Tournaisian glaciation?
Thomas W. Kammer and David L. Matchen
19. Pennsylvanian cyclothems in Midcontinent North America as far-field effects of waxing and waning of Gondwana ice sheets
Philip H. Heckel
20. Paleosol archives of environmental and climatic history in paleotropical western Pangea during the latest Pennsylvanian through Early Permian
Neil J. Tabor, Isabel P. Montañez, Christopher R. Scotese, Christopher J. Poulsen, and Greg H. Mack

Synthesis Papers
21. Pennsylvanian tropical floras from the United States as a record of changing climate
Hermann W. Pfefferkorn, Robert A. Gastaldo, William A. DiMichele, and Tom L. Phillips
22. A review of the palynostratigraphy of Gondwanan Late Carboniferous to Early Permian glacigene successions
Michael H. Stephenson
23. Late Paleozoic climate dynamics revealed by comparison of ice-proximal stratigraphic and ice-distal isotopic records
T.D. Frank, L.P. Birgenheier, I.P. Montañez, C.R. Fielding, and M.C. Rygel
24. The late Paleozoic ice age—A review of current understanding and synthesis of global climate patterns
Christopher R. Fielding, Tracy D. Frank, and John L. Isbell