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Table of Contents - Special Paper 442

The Terrane Puzzle: New Perspectives on Paleontology and Stratigraphy from the North American Cordillera

edited by Robert B. Blodgett and George D. Stanley Jr.

Introduction v
1. Paleogeographic significance of Ediacaran cyclomedusoids within the Antelope Mountain Quartzite, Yreka terrane, eastern Klamath Mountains, California
Nan Lindsley-Griffin, John R. Griffin, and Jack D. Farmer
2. Silurian-bearing terranes of Alaska
Constance M. Soja
3. Silurian Gastropoda from the Alexander terrane, southeast Alaska
David M. Rohr and Robert B. Blodgett
4. Provenance, depositional setting, and tectonic implications of Silurian polymictic conglomerates in Alaska’s Alexander terrane
Constance M. Soja and Lena Krutikov
5. Devonian brachiopods of southwesternmost Laurentia: Biogeographic affinities and tectonic significance
Arthur J. Boucot, Forrest G. Poole, Ricardo Amaya-Martínez, Anita G. Harris, Charles A. Sandberg, and William R. Page
6. Devonian brachiopods from northeastern Washington: Evidence for a non-allochthonous terrane and Late Devonian biogeographic update
Peter E. Isaacson
7. Paleobiogeographic affinities of Emsian (late Early Devonian) gastropods from Farewell terrane (west-central Alaska)
JiTí Frýda and Robert B. Blodgett
8. Significance of detrital zircons in Upper Devonian ocean-basin strata of the Sonora allochthon and Lower Permian synorogenic strata of the Mina México foredeep, central Sonora, México
Forrest G. Poole, George E. Gehrels, and John H. Stewart
9. The flora, fauna, and sediments of the Mount Dall Conglomerate (Farewell terrane, Alaska, USA)
David Sunderlin
10. Late Triassic silicified shallow-water corals and other marine fossils from Wrangellia and the Alexander terrane, Alaska, and Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Andrew H. Caruthers and George D. Stanley Jr.
11. Conodont biostratigraphy and facies correlations in a Late Triassic island arc, Keku Strait, southeast Alaska
Erik C. Katvala and George D. Stanley Jr.
12. Stratigraphy of the Triassic Martin Bridge Formation, Wallowa terrane: Stratigraphy and depositional setting
George D. Stanley, Jr., Christopher A. McRoberts, and Michael T. Whalen
13. Late Triassic (Carnian-Norian) mixed carbonate-volcaniclastic facies of the Olds Ferry terrane, eastern Oregon and western Idaho
Todd A. LaMaskin
14. Early Jurassic bivalves of the Antimonio terrane (Sonora, NW México): Taxonomy, biogeography, and paleogeographic implications
Annemarie Scholz, Martin Aberhan, and Carlos M. González-León
15. Dinosaurs of Alaska: Implications for the Cretaceous origin of Beringia
Anthony R. Fiorillo